Romance and History of the Railroads By Donald Rice Hard Cover Continued Stu

Romance and History of the Railroads By Donald Rice Hard Cover Continued Stu

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Romance and History of the Railroads By Donald Rice Hard Cover Continued Stu
The Romance and History of the Railroads By Donald Rice Hard Cover Continued Study Units in economic life 1941  120 Pages
We, who live in this modern world surrounded by the marvels of its transportation systems, are sometimes unaware of the difficulties and problems that the inventors and builders had to overcome to fashion these means of conveyance. We are even forgetful, at times, that these transportation systems, which are so commonplace to us today, were unknown to the people of a century ago. For transportation one hundred years ago was essentially the same as it had been for centuries before ; that is, pack horses, carts or wagons with horses as motive power, and cargo boats.
Even as late as 1750, goods of Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool, in England, were carried by the ancient means of pack horses. Roads in England were not suitable for heavy carts pulled by struggling horses. The eighteenth century in England saw the beginning of the great movement for better transportation.
In that century great old Roman roads of Caesar's time and other roads were improved to carry the heavy stage coaches that were developed to replace the lighter and slower stage-wagons on the main post roads. Canals to supplement the natural waterways-rivers, lakes and oceans in the carriage of the heavier and bulkier products, were built in ever-increasing numbers, particularly in the latter part of the century.
This movement for better transportation was not confined to England alone, for evidences of the same aims were found in Europe, where not only better roads and canals were built, but also efforts were made to replace the horse with some other motive power.
In Holland, in the early seventeenth century, a cart driven by sails was tried and proved to be quite successful as long as the wind came when it was needed. The cart carried more than twenty persons and traveled as fast as twenty miles per hour. Several spring-driven wagons were built by Germans, but they did not operate as well as the sail carts, for it was difficult to make springs with sufficient power. Other inventors tried different experiments. One was to place a horse on a treadmill fastened upon a wagon body. The horse and the treadmill took up nearly all of the space on the wagon, leaving little room for passengers or freight, and further, it did not furnish enough surplus power to pull a trailer.

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