Rocky Mountain Region Timetable Issue 5  Oct 24 1999 Colorado Utah & Nevada Unio

Rocky Mountain Region Timetable Issue 5 Oct 24 1999 Colorado Utah & Nevada Unio

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Rocky Mountain Region Timetable Issue 5 Oct 24 1999 Colorado Utah & Nevada Unio
Rocky Mountain Region Timetable Issue 5  Oct 24 1999 Colorado Utah & Nevada Union Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, BHP Nevada, Great Western, Shortlines, Excursion Railroads, Amtrak.  80 pages
1. Reporting methodology changes with this edition. To provide  consistent reporting and understanding of operations, Union Pacific's subsidiaries SP and DRGW are fully merged into their operation. Union Pacific dispatchers do not have a specified protocall for each position, we show them listed by the primary Subdivision name and that position number. All changes on the  Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe reflect what is  correct as of press time in early October.
2. Following each station profile is a set of special instructions  that subdivision or branch. These are listed in the following order:  Dispatcher Channel (or road frequency).
Yardmaster and Control Operator Channels.
Dispatcher control link (or repeater frequencies).
PBX or mobile telephone frequencies.
Scheduled passenger trains utilizing the line.
Maximum authorized speed for the subdivision.
Miscellaneous detectors.
Rules applicable to operation.
Tunnel locations and lengths.
Additional tracks.
3. Some stations listed in each subdivision are shown in lightface  type. These are retired stations that have been added geographic reference. Where railroads operate via trackage rights or joint operation, major stations of the owning railroad are show in italics to keep continuity of operation.
4. Not all speed restrictions are shown; the train speeds indicated should only serve as a guide. When two columns appear under speed zone, the one to the left is for passenger trains, the one the right is for freight. On both single and double track sections where different speeds exist for each direction, the high authorized speed is given.
5. Due to variations in data received, milepost locations shown tunnels may be measured from either the west/east or north/so portal or from the center point.
6. Talking detectors are shown between stations and identified, with a "*," and talk-on-defect-only detectors are identified by" Talk-on-defect-only detectors are shown below the station profiles.
7. The passenger schedules included in the special instructions are effective at the time of publication.

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