Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878
Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878
Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878

Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878

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Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878
Report Of The Railroad Commissioners Of The State Of Maine, For The Year 1878
Soft Cover
80 pages
Consolidated Maine Central Railroad and its Branches 355 miles
list of railroads in Maine
Portland & Ogdensburg RR
many other roads
half page list of accidents

To the Governor of Maine:
The Railroad Commissioners respectfully submit their Annual Report.
We have faithfully performed the official duties prescribed by statute ; and our careful inspection of the passenger railin Maine enables us to render a very gratifying account of them. They are all in a safe and quite satisfactory con. Those of the principal lines of travel are excellent.
We are constrained to repeat, without any of its qualifying expressions, the statement made in the opening of the report of last year, that as a whole the railroad system of this State is in better condition than ever before, and the main lines of travel no way inferior to any in New England. We feel justified in thus challenging public attentitm to the most rigid scrutiny and precise comparison involved in this statement. We have no cause to feel ashamed of any of our railroads, and we have ample reason for a very considerable degree of State pride in the completeness of those upon our main through route, the constant punctuality and safety of their operation, and the gratifying comfort that is here conferred upon every passenger in the perhaps too luxuriously apcars.
In last year's report we adverted to the fact that the railof the State had all been brought to the prevailing and so called standard gauge of the country, except the Aroostook River and the Portland and Oxford Central Railroads. We now report that the latter has passed during the year into the possession of a new company, and that with a renewed roadand surface, new superstructure throughout, including bridges and new rolling stock and equipment, it is in the full tide of successful operation, upon a track laid to the gauge of 4 feet 8i inches ; and that, instead of continuing its decay, as a dead pledge, it has been awakened into new and vigorous life, and under the new name of the Rumford Falls and Buckfield Railroad, become a satisfaction and joy to the people along its who line.
Copies of the statutes prescribing the duties of this Board contain information often asked for by citizens of the State, as well as by those of other States who are making investiand deliberating upon the proper functions of simiorganizations, that have been found by experience so essential to the safety and convenience of the public. With a view to imparting the information sought, and the hope of benefits to accrue from exchanges, together with the great convenience of having these laws in a connected and portable form, readily accessible to all, have induced their insertion in this report, which procedure it is believed will meet your approval. In most cases where amendments have subsequently been made, they have been incorporated into the statutes as herein published.
From the Revised Statutes of 1871-Title IV., Chap. 51.
Sec. 2. A railroad corporation, for the location, construction and conuse of its road, for necessary tracks, side tracks, depots, wood sheds, repair shops, and car, engine and freight houses, may purchase or take and hold, as for public uses, land and all materials in and upon 'it; but the land so taken shall not exceed four rods in width for the main track of the road unless necessary for excavation, embankment or mate; but shall not take, without consent of the owners, meeting houses, dwelling houses, or public or private burying grounds. The guardian of . a person incapable of giving valid conveyance, whose land is taken, may settle and give a valid release for damages; and persons having any inin such land have the rights and remedies of owners to the extent A their interest.
Sec. 3. If the parties do not agree as to the necessity and extent of the real estate to be taken for said side tracks and buildings, the corporation nay make written application to the railroad commissioners, describing ;he estate, and naming the persons interested; the commissioners shall hereupon appoint a time for the hearing near the premises, require notice ,o be given to the persons interested as they direct, fourteen days at least before said time; and shall then view the premises, hear the parties and determine how much, if any, of such real estate is necessary for the reaaccommodation of the traffic and appropriate business of the cor. If they find that any of it is so necessary, they shall furnish the corporation with a certificate containing a definite description thereof; and when it is filed with the clerk of the court in the county where the land lies, it shall be deemed and treated as taken.
Sec. 71. The governor, with advice of council, shall appoint three railcommissioners, who shall act as a board and hold their offices three years; two of them shall be experienced in the construction and manage-
ment of railroads, and one of them shall be an engineer.*
Sec. 72. A majority of the board, annually, between the first of April and October, and at any other time on application, or without when they think necessary, shall carefully examine the tracks, rolling stock, bridges, viaducts and culverts of all railroads; shall give a certificate thereof to the clerk of the corporation, therein stating the condition of the road and rolling stock, and shall annually. in December, make a report to the governor of their official doings, with such facts as they deem of public interest, or he requires ; and all persons managing railroads shall give the board such information as they from time to time request.
Sec. 73. The corporation shall file such certificate in the office of the secretary of state before the first day of December, and pay the commisfor the examination, or forfeit one thousand dollars, to be recovin an action of the case, half to the state and half to the person, suing therefor; and if the president and directors of a railroad while it is guilty of such neglect, allow a passenger train to run over it, they shall be perliable for any damages occasioned by a defect in said road, or rolling stock, but this will not relieve the corporation.
Sec. 74. If the board at any examination find, the track, culverts, bridges-or rolling stock in use so out of repair as to be unsafe for travel, they shall immediately notify the managers of said road of its condi, and the time in which the repairs shall be made; and may require them to reduce the speed of all trains until repairs are made.
Sec. 75. If they do not comply with such requirements, the commisshall petition the supreme judicial court in any county where the railroad extends, setting forth their examination, the condition of the road, the notice and requirement and refusal to comply; and shall notify the attorney general or the county attorney of the county where the petition is filed, of the filing thereof, one of whom shall appear and take charge of the proceedings in court. The court shall order a notice thereon and appoint a hearing; and after a hearing, may order such things to be done by the managers of the road as they deem necessary to secure the safety of travelers; and unless such managers will execute a bond to the state, with sufficient sureties, for such sum as the court deems necesto make the repairs. conditioned that they will, within the time fixed

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