Reasonable Freight Rates By Glenn Shinn Hard Cover 1952  195 Pages

Reasonable Freight Rates By Glenn Shinn Hard Cover 1952 195 Pages

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Reasonable Freight Rates By Glenn Shinn Hard Cover 1952 195 Pages
Reasonable Freight Rates By Glenn Shinn Hard Cover 1952  195 Pages
THERE IS NO FORMULA for determining the reasonableness of freight rates. There are, however, certain standards or tests for the determination of reasonable rates on given traffic. For many years these rate-making standards have been consistently and uniformly applied by the Interstate Commerce Commission with the tacit consent and sanction of the Congress and the express approval of the courts.
The author has long believed that a well-documented book dealing adequately with the origin, application, and purpose of these approved rate-making standards would serve three useful ends : First, as a reliable guide in the preparation of evidence respecting the reasonableness of given freight rates, particularly in formal proceedings before the Commission ; second, as a concise text for those studying this subject ; and third, as a background disclosing the probable effect of suggestions advanced from time to time for modifications of present rate-making practices.
In the preliminary work of analyzing, assembling, and coordinating these rate-making standards, which appear in more than 200 volumes of reports of the Commission and many court cases decided over a period of more than 50 years ; it was recognized that some knowledge of the historical background, or practical considerations which led to the adoption of present rate-making practices, was necessary to a satisfactory understanding of the subject. It was evident also that the practical application of these standards requires knowledge of the present freight-rate structure, that is, the several different kinds of rates that are now published in the tariffs, the general purpose of each kind of rate, and the rate relations that usually exist as between certain kinds of rates.
In short, this book seeks to accomplish the purposes just outlined solely in the interest of a better understanding of the practical application of the controlling tests or standards under rate-making practices now employed in determining reasonable freight rates under existing transport law. Brief historical background is given in the discussion of individual practices only when such information is helpful, since this material is intended primarily as a working tool for traffic people and as a text for those seeking to qualify for traffic work.
The author claims no special qualifications for this rather ambitious undertaking other than those which come from many years of serious study, research, and practical experience in matters pertaining to the construction and application of freight rates. It is realized of course that some of the questions dealt with are controversial, and that occasionally the answer rests upon the exercise of informed judgment. About 300 leading cases are cited as authorities for the views expressed. Rail rates only are discussed because the present standards have their origin in cases dealing with such rates, but most of these standards and practices are equally applicable to regulated rates maintained for interstate transportation by highway or waterway carriers.
This publishing venture was made possible by the favorable reception by traffic people of two prior books by the author, "Freight Rate Application" published in 1948, and "Routing and Misrouting of Freight" published in 1949.
The study and research reflected in those two volumes helped immeasurably in the preparation of this manuscript. Each of these three books covers a particular phase of the practical application and construction of freight rates.

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