Railways Restored 1980 Railway World Guide to Preserved Railways Soft Cover

Railways Restored 1980 Railway World Guide to Preserved Railways Soft Cover

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Railways Restored 1980 Railway World Guide to Preserved Railways Soft Cover
Railways Restored 1980 Railway World Guide to Preserved Railways Soft Cover 96 pages  List of preserved locomotives, owners, more.  
The ARPS and Railways Restored - The Association of Railway Preservation Societies (ARPS) is delighted to hand over the editing and production of its annual year book to Ian Allan Ltd under its new title Railways Restored and in an entirely new form.
The raison d'of railway preservation is more than merely 'pickling' locomotives and carriages. In the past, various museums, partly or wholly devoted to railways, did an excellent job in caring for retired locomotives, carriages and other paraphernalia   but such exhibits often seemed dormant if not dead. Railway preservation societies, on the other hand, aim to maintain steam railway equipment not only in good-looking condition, but, where possible, in first-class mechanical order and this practice has now been followed by the National Railway Museum at York.
In the workshops of preserved railways and steam centres, and at York, some steam locomotives and carriages are maintained to the standards required for excursions over main lines. For such trains, British Rail quite properly demand high standards of maintenance. Elsewhere whole railways have been acquired and are operated to standards required by the Department of Transport. These lines pay their way - and profits are ploughed back. Personal remuneration is kept to a minimum.
Through the efforts of railway preservation societies an extensive range of railway items, covering almost the whole spectrum of the age of steam railways, is being preserved. Without the efforts of these enthusiasts, steam trains would now be known only through pictures, recordings, models   and memories.
Railway preservation societies have tended to spring up independently, through the initiative of their promoters. But all such societies have interests in common. New societies benefit from access to the know-how of established societies. Established societies, for their part, find it in their interest that new ones should be soundly organised, to minimise the possibility of physical or financial disaster, which would mar the whole movement in the public eye. All societies benefit from information about sources of equipment and material. They benefit, too, from joint publicity and from joint representation to other national bodies.
These needs are met by the Association of Railway Preservation Societies Ltd. Most railway preservation societies in the British Isles are members of the Association which is a non-profit-distributing voluntary body, incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.

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