Railways Past Present & Future by Allen with Dust Jacket 1982

Railways Past Present & Future by Allen with Dust Jacket 1982

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Railways Past Present & Future by Allen with Dust Jacket 1982
Railways Past, Present and Future By G Freeman Allen Dust Jacket  Copyright 1982 FIRST EDITION   Color and  black & white illustrations   303 Pages
SEE DAMAGE TO BACK COVER -- It has a couple of tears.
Copiously illustrated and authoritative, this is an exploration of railroading from the earliest locomotives to the modern high-speed trains of Japan and France. It is enriched throughout with anecdotes of railroad construction and operation. Of very special interest are the ways in which engineering problems were solved during the building of some of the earliest bridges, the transcontinental railroads in North America, and the tunnels under the Alps. Professional railroaders, model enthusiasts, and railway buffs will be intrigued with the detailed descriptions and the lore, and with the photographs that illustrate changes in locomotive design and rolling stock over the years and the evolution of track gauges, signaling, and traffic control.
Railways: Past, Present and Future examines in depth the spread of rail networks throughout the world, the development of locomotive construction, as well as the changing demands for passenger comfort. It places special emphasis on the innovative engineers, including Brunel and Stephenson. Rapacious entrepreneurs, such men as George Hudson and Commodore Vanderbilt, are portrayed, while breathtaking feats of construction and record-breaking speeds arc recounted. It describes luxury trains such as the Orient Express and the Super Chief rolling across continents, veritable hotels on wheels.
For more than half a century railroads were essential to the economic and political development of every civilized nation in the world. Gradually, over the decades before and after World War II, the expansion of commercial aviation and superhighway systems forced the termination of many trains and rail lines. Now, twenty-five years later, rising fuel costs and environmental issues presage a whole new era in railway transportation. In the United States, prior to the recent deregulation of the industry, railroad rates were controlled by the Interstate Commerce Commission and could not be readily modified to be competitive with the trucking industry.
Railways: Past, /'resent and Future also assesses the strengths, the weaknesses, and the future role of subway, commuter, and interurban lines. It does not neglect such important subjects as freight "piggybacking," or the passenger super trains of today and the future. The financial considerations of running a modern railway are explained and illustrated graphically. Such issues as government subsidies and the high cost of high speed are presented in clear factual terms.
Professional railroaders, hobbyists, and thousands of Americans with a genuine love of railways will he fascinated by the illustrations and the meticulous attention given to detail in this complete history: the achievements and the excitements of virtually every aspect of the subject since the first horse-drawn passenger railways and the invention of the steam engine. The details of new equipment, systems, and technology in other countries should be particularly appealing to enthusiasts in the United States.

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