Railways in the United States in 1902 Part 2 Forty Year Review Changes Freight T

Railways in the United States in 1902 Part 2 Forty Year Review Changes Freight T

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Railways in the United States in 1902 Part 2 Forty Year Review Changes Freight T
Railways in the United States in 1902 Part 2 Forty Year Review of Changes in Freight
A Forty Year Review of Changes in Freight Tariffs
Interstate Commerce Commission
Hard Cover
Copyright 1903
207 Pages
This report on changes in transportation rates on freight throughout the United States does not pretend to originality either in form or in the data which it presents. It is. rather a revised second edition of the report prepared for the Senate Committee on Finance and presented by that committee in 1893 as a part of its report on " Wholesale Prices, Wages, and Transportation." The extension of the tables from 1893 to 1902 is compiled from the tariffs which the railways have filed with the Commission in conformity with Section 6 of the Act to regulate commerce. The order in which topics are presented, as well as the routes and commodities selected for a statement of rates and, indeed, the text explanatory of the tables found in the body of this report are preserved, so far as consistent with changed conditions since 1893.
The facts presented in the following pages group themselves under three general headings, as follows:
1. Development of freight classifications.
2. Changes in competitive rates.
3. Changes in local rates.
In the original report there was a fourth general division of the subject, namely, " Miscellaneous data relating to mileage rates and tonnage movements." But as this report forms Part II of a general compilation designed to portray the conditions under which railways operated in 1902, and as Part I of this compilation gives in detail the statistics of railway operations, it seems appropriate to omit all mention of mileage rates and tonnage movements from the present report.
The freight traffic of the railways of the United States is carried under two general classes of schedules, commonly known as "Class Tariffs" and "Commodity Tariffs." The latter has reference to schedules applicable to such articles as grain, lumber, coal, live stock, dressed beef, fertilizers, oil, etc., transported between sections of the country where these articles have attained a commercial and shipping importance which has made necessary specific rules for their transportation differing from those covering classified traffic, as well as a somewhat lower scale 'of rates than is applied to the latter.
Class tariffs are arranged to show the rates of the respective classes contained in the freight classifications. In the latter are found the great majority of articles carried by the railways, classified in accordance with the various elements that properly enter into the determination of freight charges; under these also are found the commodities above mentioned, and although exceptionally treated in certain sections as to rates, they are all amenable to some rule of the classification. The rate-making foundation for all commodities is seen to lie largely in the freight classification.

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