Railways in the Niagara Peninsula Their development Progress Community Significa

Railways in the Niagara Peninsula Their development Progress Community Significa

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Railways in the Niagara Peninsula Their development Progress Community Significa
Railways in the Niagara Peninsula Their development, Progress & Community Significance by Jackson & Burtniak 1978 240 Pages  NOTE; the dust jacket and cover have some water damage.  The last blank page has some staining too.  
This book examines the creation and growth of the railway network in the Niagara Peninsula of Southwestern Ontario from about 1850 to 1900. Spatially, it is concerned with that extent of land which lies between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, eastward from a line between Hamilton and the Lower Grand River to the international border along the Niagara River. Temporally, it centres upon the Victorian era of steam railway expansion, from approximately 1850 to the end of the nineteenth century. The consideration is therefore of a significant Canadian frontier locality, after its period of primary settlement and prior to the large-scale application of hydro-electricity to its urban and regional landscapes.
The introductory Chapter outlines the salient background features of the railway achievement, including the character of the Peninsula, the furore of hope which greeted each new railway and the mammoth changes which resulted over a few short years in the mid-1850's. The different railway systems are then examined over Chapters II to V, in terms of their sponsoring arguments, the location of the tracks, and the principal features along each route. Discussion examines the Great Western Railway, the Welland Railway, the series of competing American and Canadian railway lines that were constructed in the south of the Peninsula inland from the Lake Erie shoreline, the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, and the initiation of an inter-urban street railway system.
The effects and consequences of the railway system are reviewed in Chapters VI to VIII, emphasizing the bridges over the Niagara River, the urban importance of the new border crossing points, the significance of railways for urban development in Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Welland and St. Catharines, and their overall role in terms of urban change and regional evolution. The topics covered include their significance for travel, business, industry, agriculture and tourism.
The text is interlaced with historical photographs and documents depicting railway matters and scenes, in their urban context and as an integral component of the regional development process. The majority of these illustrations are taken from the private collection of John Burtniak. Other illustrations, from public or private collections, are credited accordingly.

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