Railway Technology International 1994 by Geoffrey Freeman Allen Soft Cover

Railway Technology International 1994 by Geoffrey Freeman Allen Soft Cover

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Railway Technology International 1994 by Geoffrey Freeman Allen Soft Cover
Railway Technology International 1994 by Geoffrey Freeman Allen Soft Cover 284 pages Many advertisers.  
Locomotives and Rolling Stock - Modern rail design for local and regional transport, Copenhagen S-train, New MF88 trains Paris Metro, 350 KM/h Shinkansen train, Autostack system, railway stock design a new dimension, new vehicle designs for night passenger services, unloading slackless unit trains, a new technology test train for the NYCTA, California bi-level car, AC traction locomotives for heavy haul in North America, Keeping on top of graffiti.  
Traction - high energy impact windscreens, RD20 locomotive advances in propulsion technology, water cooled high power static converters, powerful tri-bo locos for Channel Tunnel shuttles.
Underfloor Systems and Equipment - wheel flange failures - methods of prevention, wheel load detection system, birth development and concept of the RMO 9000 bogie family, New high performance premium truck.
Passenger Coach Equipment - innovative polymer concepts in mass transportation systems, environmental control systems for aril vehicles, effective energy management for passenger train protection.
The Polish Railway Industry - the role of science and research in Polands Railways, predicting atmospheric stress and deterioration of materials, the Class SA100/SA121 railbus, Polish Road/rail tractors, Polish Railways adapt to a market.
Electrification - planning a new layout for the Spiez Railway Station, compact substations for electric trolley bus and light rail transit.
Signalling and telecommunications - SDH transmission for railways, ICSs onboard train control and diagnostics system.
Automatic Fare Collection and Information Systems - Taipei a modern and efficient AFC System, how to choose a banknote validation system, Socrate a new computerized reservations system, How Socrate benefits the passengers, a contactless smart card AFC system for Oslo, touch screens make point of sale ticketing fast and easy.
Permanent Way - analysis of track geometry on high speed lines, direct rail fixing, track maintenance on Amtrak.
Consultants - Simultaneous engineering in rail vehicle design, rolling stock for Strasbourgs light rail system, train operation simulators, journey planers for personal computers, railway station planning.
Workshops - GoWheel wheel profile measuring equipment, underfloor wheel profiling - milling vs turning, Underfloor guided trolley system.  

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