Railway Statistics of the United States of America 1924 SC 144 Pages

Railway Statistics of the United States of America 1924 SC 144 Pages

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Railway Statistics of the United States of America 1924 SC 144 Pages
Railway Statistics of the United States of America 1924 SC 144 Pages
Prepared by Slason Thompson
Bureau of Railway News and Statistics
Compared with The Official Reports for 1923 and Recent Statistics of Foreign Railways
Soft Cover
144 Pages
Three Decades of Railway Progress 4
Approach of Railway Centennial 5
Locomotive No. 1 and train 1825 5
Modern locomotive train, 1925  6
Railway problems today  7
Mr. Potter's disingenuous proposal 8
Motor truck and bus competition 9
The waterway bug-a-boo  10
Railway consolidations  11
The farmer and the railways 12
Income account for 1924-25 13
Number and Pay of Employes 1924-25 18
Car loadings since 1920  18
Notes on foreign railways   19
Report covers 250,080 miles of line 25
Mileage of all tracks exceeds 407,000 25
Mileage by states  26
Relation of mileage to area & pop'n 27
Mileage by territorial groups...  28
Construction in 1924 and since 1893.29-30
Summary of all tracks since 1890 31
Distribution of Tracks by Groups 33
Groupings in America and Europe 33
Map  34
Mileage of Foreign countries 35
The world's railway mileage  36
Rolling stock built, 1899 to 1924 40
Power and weight of locomotives 41
Equipment installed and retired, 1919
Pass. and frt. cars, 1902 to 1924 43
Equipment installed and retired, 1919
to 1924  43
Latest equipment figures  44
Passengers equipment 1916-1921  44
Steel passenger cars in service 45
Cost of railway equipment46
Equipment by territorial groups 47
Classes of freight cars 1902-1914 48
Steel rails produced, 1913 to 1924 49
Block signals  49
Automatic train control  50
Freight car shortages and surpluses 50-51
Number and Compensation  52
No official wage statistics for 1923 53
Summary of Employes and pay 1924 54-56
Excessive expenditure for statistics 57
Employes and their pay since 1889 59
Average Daily Compensation 1914-1892 61
Compensation by select classes 63
Ratio of employes' pay to revenues
and expenses  64
Wages and the cost of living 64
Retail prices 1890-192466-67
Wholesale prices of commodities68-69
Capitalization to Dec. 31, 1924 71
Income Account 1889-192472-73
Official 1917 and 1923 75
Gross and net since 189975-76
Distribution of capital by groups.... 77
New railway capital  77
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