Railway Locomotives and Cars 1958 June PFE Expands Mechanical Reefer Fleet

Railway Locomotives and Cars 1958 June PFE Expands Mechanical Reefer Fleet

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Railway Locomotives and Cars 1958 June PFE Expands Mechanical Reefer Fleet
Railway Locomotives and Cars 1958 June
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PFE Expands Mechanical Reefer Fleet27
Pacific Fruit Express is spending $20,000,000 to build 1,000 mechanical refrigerator cars, including its first "all purpose" units.
Norfolk & Western Uses Automatic Nailers29
llechanized nailing on the light repair track at Roanoke, Va., has reduced the cost of relining box cars and speeded the process.
SP Terminal Speeds Diesel Servicing30
11()Liston, Tex., new service facilities, rearranged track layout, and a
Flew shop building have cost over $600,000.
Program for 1958 AAR Meetings32
The Mechanical Division and the Electrical Section will hold their annual three-day sessions at Chicago on June 24, 25 and 26.
How the Mechanical Division is Organized33
Standards for construction and maintenance of railroad rolling stock are the responsibility of this industry group.
Mechanical Research Moves Ahead35
Even though some AAR expenditures have been reduced, research activities are being continued at the 1957 level.
Latest Electrical Equipment Exhibited40
Railway Electric Supply Manufacturers are holding an exhibit in Chicago in conjunction with the Mechanical Division and Electrical Section meetings.
EMD Applies 26-L Locomotive Brake42
Milwaukee Road road-switchers and a new export locomotive have been the first GM units to get the new Westinghouse air brake equipment.
Banding Armatures With FRP Tape48
Fiberglas-reinforced plastic tape has the mechanical and electrical qualities for traction motor armature banding, and Westinghouse Electric is doing it.
Putting Locomotive Performance on Record52
Rock Island shop has the equipment for making a complete record of each locomotive load test and these records are filed for future reference.
Test Stand Checks Generators and Regulators55
Auxiliary generators and voltage regulators are tested and adjusted on a shop-developed unit at the Burlington's back shop.
The Diesel Ran Without Fuel55

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