Railway Library and Statistics 1913 A collection of noteworthy addresses HC

Railway Library and Statistics 1913 A collection of noteworthy addresses HC

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Railway Library and Statistics 1913 A collection of noteworthy addresses HC
The Railway Library and Statistics 1913 A collection of noteworthy addresses and papers, mostly delivered or published during the year named  469 Pages
50 years of British Railways, the most powerful locomotive in the world, necessities of a successful railway, The Belgian Railways, The Prussian-Hessian State Railways, Ohio floods of 1913, the New Haven situation, the worlds greatest tunnels, various roads to heaven, diagram for instruction of Chinese Coolies, statistics, much more.
THIS, the fifth annual issue of THE RAILWAY LIBRARY, brings together between boards selections from the more noteworthy addresses and papers delivered or written in 1913 relating to railway subjects. The general rule has been to restrict the selection to matter first given to the public in the year named, but the date of publication enables the inclusion of several articles of the current year.
Following the theory, somewhat in eclipse in certain quarters just now, that we can best judge the progress and tendencies of the present by the achievements of the past, this volume opens with a brief summary of "Fifty Years of British Railways" extracted from the Jubilee Number of the London Railway News. This will serve as a companion picture to the graphic story of James J. Hill's "Life Adventure," covering forty years of railway building in the United States in the volume for 1912.  The problems confronting railway builders in the two countries were widely different, but the aims, adequate service at reasonable and remunerative rates, were and are identical.
A cut of the latest, but not the last, word in locomotives naturally serves as a tailpiece to the fifty years of locomotive performance inaugurated by The Rocket.
Railway conditions as they are, outlined in the testimony of President Samuel Rea of the Pennsylvania Railroad, find a place in this volume because his testimony sets forth conditions common to all progressive American railways. The group of papers immediately following views the same situation from several different angles, those from the pens of Interstate Commerce Commissioner Meyer and Clement Colson of the French Institute being especially enlightening.
Next follows a series of articles relating to the nationalization of railways treated from the historical, political and economic points of view. The Library is especially to be congratulated on permission to use the concluding chapter of Samuel 0. Dunn's recent work on "Government Ownership of Railways" (Appleton & Co'.) and an exhaustive synopsis of Prof. W. J. Cunningham 's analysis of the state railways of Prussia-Hesse.
The two illustrated articles in the number, "A Nation's Neglect, "
giving typical pictures of the reckless use of railway tracks as commons for all sorts of trespassing, and the story of "The Ohio Flood of 1913," showing the dangers to which American railways are always exposed from the unforeseeable and irresistible forces of nature, bring these aspects of railway operation vividly to the mind of the reader.
The variety of subjects covered in this volume exceeds that in any former issue, as a glance at the table of contents testifies.
As in former issues the concluding chapter consists of the annual report of the Bureau of Railway News and Statistics in which is presented the latest information in regard to American and foreign railways - the space devoted to the latter being greatly increased.
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