Railway Journeys of my Childhood, The  by John Faviell Hard Cover 1983

Railway Journeys of my Childhood, The by John Faviell Hard Cover 1983

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Railway Journeys of my Childhood, The by John Faviell Hard Cover 1983
The Railway Journeys of my Childhood By John Faviell Hard Cover 1983   112 Pages
M' any railway enthusiasts look back to the reign of King Edward \as the heyday of steam. Be that as it may, those years still provide me with extraordinarily vivid memories, and it has not been difficult to recapture in words and pictures some of the rail journeys I made then.
One might say that steam and railways are in the Faviell blood. For generations Faviells have been railway engineers. My great grandfather, Mark Faviell, turned from canal building to railways in the very early days. There exist contracts of his and his brother's for the "Measuring and laying of rails" as early as 183 5 and '837 in the Birmingham and Manchester districts.
My grandfather, William F. Faviell, continued railway construction in a big way further afield. At the time the Indian Mutiny broke out he was building the line from Bombay up the precipitous Western Ghats towards Central India - a formidable task at that time. He, his wife and their three small children owed their lives to a faithful "Bearer" who warned them what was afoot in time for them to disappear into the jungle until the revolt quietened down. His next major task was the construction of the line from Kandy to Colombo in Ceylon, which he completed in 1864.
The fascination with steam certainly showed in my father, even though he became a marine engineer. My own generation went in different ways. Like so many at the opening of the loth century most of us joined the armed services. Two of my cousins became Royal Engineers, two more became Indian Army officers and another was in the Royal Navy. I, the youngest, was commissioned into the Royal Field Artillery in 1916. But we kept alive the family's railway tradition with a continuing interest in everything to do with trains.
My interest must have been inbred. One of my very earliest recollections is of seeing a steamroller from the nursery window and being fascinated by its workings. Later when I registered railways I was even more fascinated. My father certainly fostered this involvement, but I suspect it was there before I was three.

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