Railway Age Weekly 1958 March 31 How to Get a Grip On Hiring Personnel

Railway Age Weekly 1958 March 31 How to Get a Grip On Hiring Personnel

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Railway Age Weekly 1958 March 31 How to Get a Grip On Hiring Personnel
Railway Age Weekly 1958 March 31 How to Get a Grip On Hiring Personnel
38 pages
Let's end railroad disunity'   P. 9
A railroad industry "plagued by disunity" has little hope of winning needed legislative reforms, warns IC president Johnston. But he sees hopeful signs that a unified approach is at last being achieved.
The C&NW fishes out a wayward locomotive  p.13
And turns up a curious mystery. Riddle : how-and why-did a yard switcher come to life without its crew? Here's the way the road retrieved its stray.
BRC-C&WI streamlines its employment system  p.14
On many railroads the job of hiring has often been one of the least formalized operations. With the railroads' labor investment what it is, there's much to be said for a centralized, uniform program.
Santa Fe turns a hodgepodge into a top-flight yard  p.18
Opened just last week, Corwith stands today as the answer to Chairman Gurley's dreams. It's jam-packed with equipment and systems to give the road peak performance. And it's laid out with shipper service foremost.
Electronics speeds hot box information ..  p.22
It's saving the New York Central time and money by forestalling train delays and derailments. Hot box detectors in CTC territory are teamed with transmitters to send reports to a dispatcher 10 miles away. He then sidetracks trains before trouble develops.
Needed: Equal regulation for all transport  p.24
Louisville & Nashville President John E. Tilford takes issue with those who would eliminate the ICC. He calls for a revamped Interstate Commerce Act-with one part instead of four.
Air freight ads don't tell all  p.25
Air cargo carriers boast of rates "comparable" to Railway Express rates. They fail to point out, however, that REA rates include pick-up and delivery; air freight rates don't, although the ads imply "door to door" service.
Legislation alone no RR cure-all . p.33
Prospects for remedial legislation are good-but it must be followed by "hard sell" tactics by the railroads if they are to enjoy what may be a new competitive climate, four presidents tell New York Railroad Club.
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