Railway Age Weekly 1958 Jan 27 Roads Reshape Ports In Bid for Import Ore

Railway Age Weekly 1958 Jan 27 Roads Reshape Ports In Bid for Import Ore

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Railway Age Weekly 1958 Jan 27 Roads Reshape Ports In Bid for Import Ore
Railway Age Weekly 1958 Jan 27 Roads Reshape Ports In Bid for Import Ore
42 pages
TAA speakers probe railroad problems  P. 9
Strong medicine is needed if railroads are to regain their good health. Such was the consensus at the annual meeting of the Transportation Association of America. Use of specialized equipment can recapture traffic for the railroads, Clair Rodde; wig told the group. He also sees a trend toward acceptance of agreed charges.
Railroads need constructive action now  p.1,1
That's what Senator Smathers said as his subcommittee ended the first phase of its hearing on the "deteriorating railroad situation." The senator called for a new attitude to halt destruction of a vital part of the transportation system.
M&StL starts Iowa station pair-up p.13
More than a year of effort in state commission proceedings and negotiations with affected brotherhoods is now paying off. Receipts to date include doubling-up of 10 stations and permission to halt agency service at six others.
Russian railroads rate American respect p.14
It's no Toonerville-Trolley operation. The Soviet system registers freight traffic density per mile of road that is 279% greater than the United States average. The carloading target for 1960 is 221,500 a day.
Roads reshape ports in bid for import ore p.15
Building to win the business, the railroads are capitalizing on the soaring tonnages brought in from new sources tapped for the steelmakers. Aggressive planning and look-ahead pier construction boosted traffic for roads reaching the Atlantic sea board.
The Union Pacific gets bigger gas turbines p.25
They pack 8,500 horsepower and are geared for speeds up to 66 mph. They can run 25% faster with rated tonnage than their 4,500 hp predecessors and handle a 5,000 ton train at 17 mph on the steep Ogden-Evanston grade.
Western Pacific's RDCs pass the million mile mark p.30
Here's a quick recap of their seven-year performance. It's an enviable showing. They've trimmed the operating deficit on their 924-mile run way down, and chalked up an on-time record that's close to perfect.
The Action Page-Let's end 'blind justice' p.42
There seems only one course to follow in view of the Supreme
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