Railway Age Weekly 1958 Feb 24 Operations Research New HAven hybrid Locomotives

Railway Age Weekly 1958 Feb 24 Operations Research New HAven hybrid Locomotives

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Railway Age Weekly 1958 Feb 24 Operations Research New HAven hybrid Locomotives
Railway Age Weekly 1958 Feb 24 Operations Research
42 pages
Railroads map fight for grain traffic  P. 9
Several western roads have acted to recapture grain traffic lost to trucks. They propose to reduce rates on a sliding scale, with the biggest cuts going to short-haul business. Shippers have lined up in favor of the proposal.
NIT League opposes Symes plan  p.10
A special meeting of the shippers' organization has voted against creation of a government agency to buy rolling stock and lease it to railroads. The league, in so doing, turned down the report of a special committee which supported the principles of federal equipment leasing.
New Haven 2-in-1 locomotives swing into action  p.11
They eliminate the nuisance of changing engines at New Haven. Run mostly in passenger service, they're built for freight operations, too. Here's an account of what the hybrids are doing-and what makes them different.
Where should the new yard go?  p.13
Operations research offers railroad managements an effective tool for making a systematic, scientific yard-site choice. How it works, what angles it considers, where it's better than seat-ofthe-pants decisions, is told in a special Railway Age article.
They're still building the busy QNS&L p.18
When they tapped the Labrador ore fields, they transformed a desolate, sub-artic region into a thriving transportation hub. And, as you might expect, they ran into some unique railroad construction problems. They're still working to overcome some of them.
A two-way look at DF cars:
How the Reading cuts damage in transit  p.25
This road won over an important group of shippers to the use of specialized equipment with a successful experimental program..
Shippers join the railroads' claims fight  p.28
A number of railroad customers have pioneered research efforts to trim damage losses. Versatility of DF equipment is a big factor..
Action Page-Instead of the crying towel p.42
This way Mr. Railroader might sound better. Tears are the sign of a frustrated complaint.
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