Rails That Climb a Narrative History of the Moffat Road Second Ed 1950 Bollinger

Rails That Climb a Narrative History of the Moffat Road Second Ed 1950 Bollinger

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Rails That Climb a Narrative History of the Moffat Road Second Ed 1950 Bollinger
Rails That Climb a Narrative History of the Moffat Road Second Edtion 1950 By Edward Bolllinger Hard Cover 323 Pages
This book has been designed to take you back in time for a number of visits. You will learn to know a few men, and greet others in passing. I warn you that your ears will be frosted if you do not keep them covered, you will pant in the thin air and choke in the snow shed gas, for this is the story of the Rails that Climb.
The selection of the men who you meet most frequently was determined by the accidents of time that brought Barnes to the Moffat after years of railroad experience and Culbertson likewise. Even earlier Nels Johnson and L. J. Daly, husky kids of sixteen, were at work in the construction of the line. We hear of H. A. Sumner in almost every chapter because of the importance of a chief engineer in the building of a railroad in such a country and also because of the very lustre of his character. But Sumner would have been lost in the dust of men's memories had not his letters been carefully preserved in letter presses. In contrast we have none of the general manager's letters and only two diaries remain giving a day to day account. Some men you hear about because they were my neighbors or friendships were formed through incidents of no importance. But these men do give you, as we follow them or pass them, an idea of how the rails climbed.
Over the thirty years since the first edition of Rails that Climb was being prepared, much new research has unearthed both factual material and collections of pictures, found after determined hunting. Erksel Deakins and his Moffat men on the west end filled many gaps and there were located the fine photographs of engineer Glenn Spaulding, the late Joe Preiss and Colonel George Pappas. The determined research of Leda Reed answered many questions and there were others, many others who gave assistance to fill the gaps in history.
Over this same span of years the demand for energy reopened the great coal resources in Moffat and Routt Counties. Rio Grande President Gus Aydelott shared the Moffat idea - dig into your pockets but don't go to the government. His vision was that the line from Denver to Craig must be made immediately one of the most modern and he was backed by his Board of Directors. The line now handles more than a score of trains each day and when that number soon doubles there will be no need to have work trains tying up the line. Aydelott's determination and vision is second only to that of David Moffat and W. G. Evans who were seventy-five years ahead of their time.

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