Rails Across the Land Freight & passenger Trains 1940-1950s By Charlton w/DJ

Rails Across the Land Freight & passenger Trains 1940-1950s By Charlton w/DJ

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Rails Across the Land Freight & passenger Trains 1940-1950s By Charlton w/DJ
Rails Across the Land Freight & passenger Trains 1940-1950s By Kenody Charlton with Dust Jacket 204 Pages FIRST EDITION 1991
Suppose that the young boys of today are still somewhat taken by the sight and sound of trains and locomotives.
Yet, when I was young, the spectacle was so very different across the land. Today's generic diesel locomotives and non-entity Amtrak trains clearly leave much to be desired from a spectator's point of view. Steam engines drew awe and wonder from a boy in my day. Who could not help but be impressed by the smoke, steam, smell and sound of such spectacular machines? And the then-new diesel locomotives were so very colorful as a diversion.
The years which this book covers, 1945-1952, were really the last true years of railroading in the old tradition. Steam was still king, and the diesel began to make itself known as a fancy partner, never a threat to steam.
My railroading experience began at the tender age of 14. Like many boys, I liked to watch trains in my hometown of LaSalle, Illinois, but what really seemed to move me was lying in bed at night and listening to the sound spectacle of an Illinois Central coal train fighting up the grade a few miles away, or a Rock Island passenger train rushing along the Illinois River Valley. Whistles in the night had a very special attraction for me.
Soon, it wasn't enough to just witness railroading so I began a hobby of photographing its wonder. It became a passion and a hobby of love. I spent the next few years compiling a visual record of railroading during this exciting period of years. In this book I recall this glorious railroad era.
All of the black and white photographs in this book ..were taken by me between 1945-1952. The color photographs that I took were taken a few years later. The photographs in Chapter 16 were taken in June, 1989.
This book is not a definitive or historical study of railroads during those years. It is not a book of technical information on motive power; nor is it a volume of high caliber camera studies. This book is a pleasant and nostalgic reflection on the glory of those wonderful years in railroading, a great chapter in America's not-so-distant past.
Above all, this is a book for those who can remember  and for those who never knew.

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