Railroading in the Good Old Days 1983 Those exciting days when steam railroading

Railroading in the Good Old Days 1983 Those exciting days when steam railroading

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Railroading in the Good Old Days 1983 Those exciting days when steam railroading
Railroading in the Good Old Days 1983 Those exciting days when steam railroading was the way to go Soft Cover 62 pages 32 articles and stories.  Photos.
Lumbering locomotives, puffing into depots across the nation - strings of cars reaching as far as the eye can see, count 'em - wearily waiting, long lines of travelers in front of ticket windows - a baggage truck, loaded with valises and trunks, and a smiling porter trundling the affair along -
The long, mournful sound of a steam whistle, breaking the night air - throngs of town folk gathering to meet the evening train - watching, to catch a glimpse of the new schoolteacher - wondering where Mrs. Smith is traveling, with that worried look creasing her forehead - the country depot with its odd shape and geraniums blooming in the windows - the telegrapher at his post, keying a message to the men at the next station -
The road gang, repairing the tracks, singing lustily, "I've been working on the railroad" - yourself, running nimbly along the tracks, taking a shortcut home -
Hoboes knocking at the backdoor, asking Ma for a bite to eat - your friend down the road, showing off an engineer's striped hat sent him by his uncle Jack - Casey Jones, on his farewell trip to the Promised Land - "Down by the station, early in the morning, see the little puffa-bellies all in a row, see the little driver turn the little handle ... " - waving as the train goes by and the thrill of an answering wave -
Telling time by the arrival of the 4 o'clock special - meeting relatives at the station - watching the hook pick up a sack of mail - a fireman shoveling on more coal to raise the pressure - the music of the wheels with their own singsong of clackety-clack, clackety- clack -
Union Station in the city - the voice over the loudspeaker, calling, "Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, New York City," with the accent on the wrong syllables - the weight of your aunt's suitcase as you trudge up the long flight of stairs to the tracks -
Watching for the train to come in, hearing the faraway "Wh0000, wh0000", and seeing the iron monster get bigger and bigger, until you hear the brakes squeal and the whole train shudder as it stops -watching Aunt Maggie ascend the iron steps and turn and wave before she enters the passenger car -

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