Railroad Treasurer in a Changing Money Market RSMA Soft Cover 1967 Railway S

Railroad Treasurer in a Changing Money Market RSMA Soft Cover 1967 Railway S

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Railroad Treasurer in a Changing Money Market RSMA Soft Cover 1967 Railway S
The Railroad Treasurer in a Changing Money Market RSMA Soft Cover 1967 Railway Systems and Management Association Approx 70 pages
In one of my day-dreaming moods, I was thinking about the so-called "Good Old Days," and, while I do not believe I want to go hack, there were some advantages. Things moved a little slower, and there was more time to think out problems and come up with decisions.
This is not so today - everything moves faster. However, slower, like the "Good Old Days," or fast, as today, the basis of good decision has not changed. It is, and always will be, knowledge coupled with experience. The more knowledge and the more ex. perience a man has, the easier it is for him to make a decision and, more important, make a good decision.
When you boil it all down, decision-making is our job and, in today's world of fierce competition, the Treasurer is faced with many important decisions each and every day. The decisions he makes have a marked impression on the welfare of his company. I do not mean to say that very many of us conk; make or break our companies, but we can definitely influence the profit or, heaven forbid, the loss.
Not only is this a world of fierce competition, but it is also a world of change. Advances in science have been fabulous. They also have been well publicized, and most of us have taken advantage of computers and the various other new machines to help us with our work.
Many of the completely revolutionary new ideas of doing business have not had the publicity given the scientific marvels, so it is up to us to discover them for ourselves.
How do we go about obtaining this knowledge that we need to keep abreast of the times, that we need to keep our company competitive with the other railroads, and the railroad competitive with the other modes of transportation?
We can read. There are many good publications -books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, etc.
We can attend lectures.
We can attend night classes offered by almost all colleges and universities.
We can attend Association of American Railroads meetings.
We can audit educational TV.
Those of us who participated in "The Railroad Treasurer In A Changing Money Market," in my opinion, picked the best way to gain knowledge and stimulate thinking, listening first hand to an impressive array of talent assembled by Railway Systems and Management.

All pictures are of the actual item.  If this is a railroad item, this material is obsolete and no longer in use by the railroad.  Please email with questions. Publishers of Train Shed Cyclopedias and Stephans Railroad Directories. Large inventory of railroad books and magazines. Thank you for buying from us.

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