Railroad Regulation Since 1920 By Philip Locklin Hard Cover 1928  211 pages  Ind

Railroad Regulation Since 1920 By Philip Locklin Hard Cover 1928 211 pages Ind

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Railroad Regulation Since 1920 By Philip Locklin Hard Cover 1928 211 pages Ind
Railroad Regulation Since 1920 By Philip Locklin Hard Cover 1928  211 pages  Indexed
IT is the purpose of this book to describe briefly the important developments in the field of railway regulation that have occurred in the United States since 1920. The book deals, therefore, in large measure with the provisions of the Transportation Act of 192o, and with the interpretation and administration of that Act.
Much of the material in the following pages was brought together for the benefit of students in a course in the economics of transportation at the University of Illinois, and has been used to supplement existing text books. This explains certain characteristics of the book, namely, the condensed form of presentation with a minimum of elaboration and discussion; the tendency to adopt an outline form when convenient; and the assumption that the reader is familiar with the elementary principles of railway economics and railway regulation, together with the development of regulation up to 192 o.
Some important but highly technical phases of regulation have been omitted because it seemed to the author that they were too specialized for general students in the economic and social aspects of transportation. Among such matters are the recent revisions in rates required by the Southern Class Rate Investigation, the Consolidated Southwestern Cases, and other decisions involving the rates and practices of railroad companies.
The book is primarily descriptive and one need not look for any "solution" of the railroad problem in its pages. The author has not gone out of his way to pass judgment on the wisdom or folly of all provisions of the Transportation Act and related acts, nor of the various regulatory policies adopted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. On the other hand, the author has not refrained from criticisms and suggestions which seem to him clearly justified in light of the facts. Critical discussion of valuation problems has particularly been avoided because within the limits of this book the question cannot be exhaustively argued. The author hopes that readers of this book will perceive that it is not written with any hostility or antagonism toward railroad management, nor with any disposition, on the other hand, to act as an apologist or defender of the railroad position on disputed questions.
The author wishes to acknowledge the courtesy of the editors of The Journal of Land and Public Utility Economics for permission to use portions of an article by the author which appeared in the Journal under the title of "Freight Rates and the Hoch-Smith Resolution."

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