Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives #3 0-6-0 type  1952
Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives #3 0-6-0 type  1952

Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives #3 0-6-0 type 1952

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Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives #3 0-6-0 type 1952
Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives 0-6-0 type Number 3  47 pages 1952
THE EARLIEST RECORD we can locate, which makes reference to a six-wheels connected locomotive, or 1 an 0-6-0, is found in the book "A History of the Baldwin Locomotive -Works." While very little is said about this particular type of locomotive, it is interesting to note the first of these engines was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1842 and sent to the Georgia Railroad. This engine was not built for switching service but as a freight locomotive.
As it proved successful for this class of service, many 0-6-0's were built about that time and did excellent work on the various railroads as freight engines.
Although these early six-coupled engines were tot switchers, they were actually the first of the 0-6-0 type locomotives and we feel the performance of some of them is worth mentioning.
The engine which went to the Georgia Railroad weighed 12 tons and drew, besides its own weight, two hundred and fifty tons up a grade of 36 feet to the mile. Another on the Central of Georgia Railway drew nineteen eight-wheel cars, each containing 750 bales of cotton, each bale weighing 450 pounds, over a maximum grade of 30 feet per mile. A similar engine of 18 tons on the Philadelphia & Reading Railway drew 150 loaded cars (total weight of ears and lading 1,130 tons) from Schuylkill Haven, Pa., to Philadelphia, Pa., at a speed of seven miles per hour.
Six-coupled or 0-6-0 locomotives later became more adaptable to switching service, due to their wheel arrangement. They were built in great numbers by all of the locomotive companies in later years and practically all of this type were primarily designed for switching service.
Where such information is available specifications and other data will be included with each engine picture, commencing with this issue.
Railroad Photo Album Steam Locomotives 1952 No 3
Copyright 1952
47 Pages
Rutland Railroad No. 1024
Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast Railroad No. 2.26
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (C & 5) No. 235 8
Southern Pacific Lines No. 1182   10
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad No. 1686 12 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway No. 203 14
Pennsylvania Lines No. 8968 16
Pacific Coast Railroad No. 1718
Grand Trunk No. 715620
Illinois Central Railroad No. 6522
St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad No. 24 24
Chicago Short Line No. 726
Maine Central Railroad No. 179   28
Lehigh & New England Railroad No. 207   30
Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Railroad No. 1332
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad No. 14134
Chicago & North Western Railway No. 205336
Colorado & Southern Railway No. 23338
Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England Railroad No. 73  40
New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad No. 7542
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad No. 118444
Jacksonville Terminal Co. No. 146

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