Railroad Facts 1995 Edition Plant and Equipment Locomotives and Freight Cars
Railroad Facts 1995 Edition Plant and Equipment Locomotives and Freight Cars
Railroad Facts 1995 Edition Plant and Equipment Locomotives and Freight Cars

Railroad Facts 1995 Edition Plant and Equipment Locomotives and Freight Cars

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Railroad Facts 1995 Edition Plant and Equipment Locomotives and Freight Cars
Railroad Facts 1995 Edition
Soft Cover
84 pages
Copyright 1995
Preface 2
Consist of Industry 3
Class I Freight Railroad Systems 4
The Year in Review 5-7
Statistical Notes  8
Statistical Highlights  9
Financial Results:
Condensed Income Statement 10
Revenue and Expenses 11-15
Taxes  16
NROI and Return on Investment 17-18
Railroad Cost of Capital  19,62
Ordinary Income 20
Return on Equity 21
Net Working Capital 22
Equipment Obligations 23
Carloadings, Ton-Miles, Tons, Revenue, and Intermodal Traffic  24-29
Revenue Per Ton-Mile and Ton 30-31
Intercity Traffic Modal Distribution 32
Train-Miles and Car-Miles  33-34
Operating Averages 35-41
Plant and Equipment:
Investment and Capital Expenditures 42-43
Mileage  44-45
Rail and Crossties 46-47
Locomotives and Freight Cars 48-54
Employment and Compensation 55-57
Railroad Cost Recovery Index 58
Rail Cost Adjustment Factor 59
Fuel Consumption and Cost 60
Loss and Damage 61
Profiles of Class I Railroads 63-77
Profile of Amtrak 78
Profiles of CN Rail and CP Rail System 79-80
Profile of Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico 81
Index  82-84
Railroad Facts was born in 1923 when its predecessor, Railroad Facts, For the Farmer, For the Railroad Man, For the Business Man, was published by the Western Railways' Committee on Public Relations. In 1927 the title was changed to Railroad Facts, A Yearbook of Railroad Information. In 1929 and 1930 the same publication was printed by both the Western Railways' Committee on Public Relations and the Committee on Public Relations of the Eastern Railroads, until the latter took sole possession of the cover's byline in 1931. In 1953 the byline was changed to the Eastern Railroad Presidents' Conference. It stayed that way until 1965, when the Association of American Railroads (AAR) assumed responsibility for the publication and changed the title to Yearbook of Railroad Facts. Finally, in 1983 the AAR changed the title to its current form, Railroad Facts.
In spite of the changes in title and publisher, the type of information presented in Railroad Facts has remained virtually unchanged. The publication is a timely, pocket-sized, and relatively quick-and-easy-to-use reference of major indicators of railroad performance. While comprehensive in scope, it does not provide the detail found in some other AAR publications and data bases such as:
1. Analysis of Class I Railroads: Annual publication of detailed financial and operating statistics, by railroad and summarized by district and the United States.
2. Railroad Ten-Year Trends: Annual publication containing over 200 tables and graphs describing Class I, Regional and Local railroad economics over the past 10 years.
3. Freight Commodity Statistics: Annual publication identifying gross freight revenues, tonnage and carloads to 5-digit STCC level for Class I railroads.
4. Profiles of U.S. Railroads: Comprehensive data base and personal computer program, based on an annual survey of all U.S. freight railroads. Updated semi-annually.
5. Revenues, Expenses and Income: Quarterly publication detailing financial data for Class I railroads.

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