Railroad Collectibles 4th Edition By Stanley Baker Soft Cover 1990 values 1999

Railroad Collectibles 4th Edition By Stanley Baker Soft Cover 1990 values 1999

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Railroad Collectibles 4th Edition By Stanley Baker Soft Cover 1990 values 1999
Railroad Collectibles 4th Edition By Stanley Baker Soft Cover 1990 values updated 1999  199 Pages
This fourth revised edition of Railroad Collectibles - an Illustrated Value Guide, finds that the collecting of railroadiana is now bigger and better than ever, with prices continuing to rise. This means that you, the dealer (seller) - and you, the collector (buyer) - both need to be aware of the variations in the net worth of items in this field.
All prices shown are based on the current market as of this writing. Be assured that they have not been established by simply pulling them out of the air and attaching them to specific items. All values have been arrived at from careful study of a multiple of sources - Railroadiana Shows and Sales, Railroadiana Mail Order Dealer's lists, railroad advertisements in the Antique Trade Journals, noting railroadiana prices at major antique shows, mall shows, antique shops, flea markets, public auctions, and word of mouth among collectors, thus constantly maintaining a continuous up-to-date price record compilation. Also bear in mind that it is difficult to standardize prices as they fluctuate from coast to coast.
It cannot be emphasized enough that condition, too, plays a very important role in determining value, and you will find this fact repeated over and over again throughout this guide. Also, pieces with railroad markings from long-gone defunct roads carry much higher price tags. Needless to say, supply and demand is the rule governing most pricing, as sometimes a passionate collector is willing to go overboard for a certain item especially needed to round out his/her collection. And, of course, there is always the chance of paying far less should you be lucky enough to come across a "sleeper." Therefore, all prices should be used as a GUIDE and not as a final authority.
The same general format has been followed as in previous editions, with a short narrative at the beginning of each of the categories, summarizing them in as few words as possible in an effort to make the guide easy to use as a handy, take-along reference book. As you will note, a new category has been added, "Pullman Company Collectibles," and others have been enlarged; also, items are described in more detail to ensure your having the right piece. It goes without saying that any attempt at completeness is impossible, as collectors will always come up with things not known to exist before. This is one of the fascinations of looking for railroad memorabilia - new discoveries are being made all the time!
Railroadiana is basically divided into two main categories - paper and non-paper, with a vast quantity of items in each. It is open to question which is the most popular; it is simply a matter of personal preference. Discriminating can make you an expert in your thing, while generalizing provides you with a broader scope of the hobby. Many collectors do both - have a varied collection to which they are continually adding, while at the same time specializing in one particular category.
Buyers and sellers should get to know as much as possible about railroad artifacts in order to be able to recognize a choice piece and make their own evaluation on the spot. Many items are rarities or one of a kind, and their value must be judged subjectively.
Good luck in your search!

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