Principles Of Transportation Johnson Huebner Wilson Copyright 1928 Hard Cover

Principles Of Transportation Johnson Huebner Wilson Copyright 1928 Hard Cover

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Principles Of Transportation Johnson Huebner Wilson Copyright 1928 Hard Cover
Principles Of Transportation Johnson Huebner Wilson Copyright 1928 Hard Cover   815 Pages
THE business of transportation, as distinct from the mechanism by which the service is performed, is discussed in this volume, such consideration being given to equipment and facilities as is necessary to an understanding of the rapid development that is taking place in the agencies of transport by rail, highway, ocean and air. Most of the former books on transportation economics that have been written for college and non-academic students have stressed public policy and government regulation more than business practice and principles. This volume emphasizes the services rendered by carriers in the different fields of transport. Government regulation is neither neglected nor unduly minimized, but has been given what is believed to be its proportionate share of the discussion as a whole.
The most distinctive characteristic of the present volume is that it for the first time brings within one book an account of the services of all four kinds of carriers, those by railroads, highways, waterways and airways. The volume has been made large enough to make possible a fairly comprehensive treatment of business practices and principles and of government policies of regulation in each of the four branches of transportation. To economize space the discussion has been made as concise as is consistent with clearness and adequacy of presentation.
During the past decade, and partly as a result of the lesson learned during the World War, systematic effort has been made not only to further the development of the several agencies of transport, but to bring about their integration into a coordinated system of transportation. It is realized that while rail, highway, ocean and air carriers have each a special work to perform, they can be of maximum service to the public and can develop under most favoring conditions when their facilities are coordinated. Effective government regulation has eliminated the danger of oppression from monopoly. The public may now, without fear of evil consequences, benefit from the economies obtainable from railroad consolidation and may encourage the fullest cooperation of motor and air carriers with those by rail and water.
It will be helpful to the student to find the business of the four agencies of transportation discussed in one volume; and it will be observed that in the introductory chapter and at appropriate places throughout the treatise, particularly in the part dealing with highway and motor transportation, special consideration has been given to what has been accomplished and to what may wisely be done to coordinate transportation facilities into a unified system. This thought and purpose also give unity to a volume that deals, not with four distinct subjects, but with the several phases of one economic service.

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