People on the Move By Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook  UTU Soft Cover Rev 6-80

People on the Move By Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook UTU Soft Cover Rev 6-80

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People on the Move By Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook UTU Soft Cover Rev 6-80
People on the Move By Cliff Merritt UTU Soft Cover Rev 6-80.  64 pages United Transportation Union
Tens of centuries ago, before folks learned to write, or even talk to each other, if you had mentioned the word "transportation" to one of our ancient ancestors, he probably would have thought it was a war-cry, or a mating call, and would have reacted accordingly. But, at some point, man discovered that he could get outside help in going from place to place, or in hauling his family and the things he needed to stay alive.
This Stone Age Edison may first have hung onto a log, or the swollen carcass of a dead animal, and learned that he was swept downstream much faster than he could swim. He must have used a swinging limb to get across narrow ravines. And the first bridge was probably the loop of a dangling vine. Eventually he may have ridden a sheet of bark down a hillside and the idea of a sledge was born. The fact that sections of a log would roll may have inspired the creation of the wheel. Half-tamed animals replaced human leg-muscles and became beasts of burden. Rafts then boats, replaced the floating log. Chariots were followed by coaches. Man-controlled steam made undependable wind-power obsolete.  A frightening thing called electricity was subdued and made a slave. A tiny pump used by savages to start fires showed that pressure produces heat and led to the invention of the diesel. The train, the horseless carriage and the flying-machine became, in turn, familiar sights. The atom gave up its awesome secret. And men rode rockets through outer space to leave footprints on the moon!
I have ridden countless thousands of miles during my lifetime, so it is natural that the story of man on the move would have a special interest for me. Long before I retired from railroading, and made working for the good of UTU my avocation, I had started collecting curious facts about transportation. These pictures, clippings and hurriedly scribbled memos on the backs of envelopes now take up almost as much space at home as my books and papers on the history of unions. Selected items have been appearing in print for some time. This booklet is the second in my cartoon scrapbook series. I hope you enjoy browsing through it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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