Pennsy Steam and Semaphores BY Fred Westing Dust Jacket 1974 , 1982 edition

Pennsy Steam and Semaphores BY Fred Westing Dust Jacket 1974 , 1982 edition

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Pennsy Steam and Semaphores BY Fred Westing Dust Jacket 1974 , 1982 edition
Pennsy Steam and Semaphores BY Fred Westing Dust Jacket 1974, 1982 edition 187 Pages
Over 300 photographs.  BACK DUST JACKET is missing a small piece.
Railroad fans who have bemoaned the scarcity of good train photos taken during the 1890-1920 period, can cheer up as they leaf through this latest volume by Fred Westing. Carefully selecting from his vast personal collection, Westing has put together a story of the Pennsy rolling stock, locomotives and the trains themselves, in photos, text and captions that are right up the railroad man's track . . . Written in railroad language, expressly for the dyed-in-the-wool enthusiast.
The stories and pictures of Martin Lee and Oliver P. Keller complete the tale of the Pennsy trains that author Westing tells so well . . . And carry it one step beyond motive power, and rolling stock, giving the reader a glimpse of what the men who ran them were like.
Hamilton Peltz, in his article Night on the Locomotive of Pennsylvania Railroad (quoted on page 46 of this book) asks this question . . . "As you eat your lobster a la Newburg in the dining car, did you ever stop to think 'How fares it with the man up in front in the leaping, quivering cab of the locomotive . . . the man who holds your life in the palm of his hand? . . . it is a very different story amid the oil and soot and reeking swelter of the boiler and the scorching breath of the firebox!' "
Westing conveys the feeling and atmosphere of this particular era in railroading with vintage pictures, informative captions and knowledgeable fascinating text. Performance charts, time tables and even a sample menu of the early 1920s all go to build the nostalgia which makes this a real railroader's book.

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