Pennsy Steam: A to T by Paul Carleton 1989 First Printing DJ

Pennsy Steam: A to T by Paul Carleton 1989 First Printing DJ

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Pennsy Steam: A to T by Paul Carleton 1989 First Printing DJ
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Copyright 1989, First Printing
By Paul Carleton
203 Pages
Lots of Photos
BACK in 1962 our first railroad literary effort in the form of "Pennsy, A to T" became a reality. This humble 96 page effort became the first of a series of fifteen books spanning 28 years. Now, with our 1989 publication of "Pennsy Steam, A to T" we have come full circle.
Joining us is our long time friend and associate, C.B. "Bert" Pennypacker. His chapter covering the Il locomotive history will certainly be recognized as the definitive essay on this class. In addition, a fair number of his photographs herein testify to the fact that Bert is one of the more proficient Pennsy steam photographers.
Back in 1962, the loss of PRR steam was still fresh in the memories of many and "Pennsy, A to T" turned out to be the first of a number of books produced by various publishers on this subject. Though the years have passed, this loss is still felt by many and in addition, a whole new generation have disPennsy steam as now represented by D16sb 1223 and E7s 7002 at Strasburg, Pa. and recently, our grand K4s 1361 at Altoona, Pa. Accordingly, we believe there will be a continuing interest for what is presented on these pages. The contents, below, will help you find your favorite classes of PRR steam power.
A3a, A5s 0-4-0 SWITCHERSPages 10-12
B6s, B8, B6sa, B6sb 0-6-0 SWITCHERSPages 13-21
Cl 0-8-0 SWITCHERPages 22,23
D16, D16sb 4-4-0 AMERICANPages 24-27
El, E2, E3sd, E5s, E7s 4-4-2 ATLANTICPages 28-35
E6s 4-4-2 ATLANTICPages 36-41
Fla, F3c, F27 2-6-0 MOGULPages 41-43
G3, G4, G5s 4-6-0 TEN WHEELERPages 44-47
Hl, H3, H6, H6sb 2-8-0 CONSOLIDATIONPages 48-52
H8, H9s, H10s 2-8-0 CONSOLIDATIONPages 53-62
Ils, Lisa 2-10-0 DECAPODPages 62-97
J1, Jla 2-10-4 TEXASPages 100-107
J28 2-6-2 PRAIRIEPages 108,109
K2s, K3 4-6-2 PACIFICPages 110-115
K4s 4-6-2 PACIFICPages 116-146
K5 4-6-2 PACIFICPages 147,148
Lls, L2s 2-8-2 MIKADOPages 149-159
Ml, Mla 4-8-2 MOUNTAINPages 160-176
Nis, N2s 2-10-2 SANTA FEPages 177-182
Ql 4-6-4-4 DUPLEXPages 183,184
Q2 4-4-6-4 DUPLEXPages 185-189
S1 6-4-4-6 DUPLEXPages 190-194
S2 6-8-6 DUPLEXPages 195-197
TI 4-4-4-4 DUPLEXPages 198-207

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