Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket
Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket
Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket
Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket
Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket

Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket

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Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr w dust jacket
Over The Hills To Woodstock By Edgar Mead Jr   Name, address, date written on first blank page.   DUst jacket has damage around the edges - see photo.  
44 Pages
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket  
The Saga of the Woodstock Railroad
Copyright 1967
Illustrated with photographs and rare rail memorabilia
Nothing's perfect, but Vermont's not-quite fourteen miles long Woodstock Railway came as close to fulfilling the American dream of what a shortline railroad should be and do as any other you can name.
Working at everything from school bus to circus train to president's funeral special, trains of the Woodstock charged Shallies Hill and flung themselves over Queehee Gulf daily for 58 years - to the tune of $2,000 a mile in dividends during its plushest decade, and never a single passenger fatality in all that time!
Edgar T. Mead, Jr., lovingly recounts the saga of this "princely little railroad" from its birth pangs in stormy town meetings of the 1860s to its demise in the 1930s, when changing patterns of American life pulled its economic base out from under it.
To the very end, the Woodstock named as well as numbered its locomotives: grappled with its Shallies Hill, Quechee Gulf, and "dead frogs" engineering problems; and won fame far beyond its diminutive mileage, symbolized by elite patronage of the through car for Woodstoek in the consist of north-bound expresses out of Grand Central Station, New York.
"This ear for Woodstock" is yours to ride again in the pages of this book. It takes you time traveling baek to the era of shortline railroading in full vigor and usefulness, telling the story of one American shortline that was a model for them all.
P.S.: Motorists driving west on Route 4 out of White River Junction are still throttling over the hills to Woodstock on the old railroad right of way!
Early Photo of Deweys Mill
An 1868 cartoon lampoons Dr. Powers for opposing the route
Shallies Hill Cut, the lines steepest grade, in the 1870s
Winooski tests the original Quechee Gulf bridge in 1875
In the 70s the veteran Winooski worked on trestle filling
The first No 1 AG Dewey was soon traded to Connecticut & Passumpsic RR
Second No 1 AG Dewey poses for its first official photo
Excursions were always frequent, varied, and lucrative
A jolly outing in the Getty Buck, the Deweys 1878 steam inspection car
This was the Quechee Gulf bridge as many thousands knew it
The second Dewey hauls a brand-new baggage car and coach
It was 1892, and the new No 2 EH Williams had just arrived
Oiling up a repaired and remodeled Dewey in its old age
The lines engine house at the junction was razed in 1935
The former engine house at Woodstock as it looked in 1966
Highly polished No 3 JG Porter on the Woodstock turntable
The 1:40 arrives at Woodstock in the days of carriages
This Concord Coach used to greet guests of the Woodstock Inn
Replacing the old wooden Gulf Bridge with steel in 1911
Engine and yard crews pose with the Williams at the Junction
Cast-off CV snowplow labored on the Woodstock line as No 23
Dewey and Porter fired up at their old-age home
The No 4 HH Paine drops off an empty DL&W hopper car
Snow fills the Porters cowcatcher on a chilly day half a century ago
Porter, still vigorous, switcher, switched at Stratton & Co 1933-47
Engines Paine and Fireman Piper ready for the last excursion
Souvenir ticket of the farewell ride on the Woodstock line
Last stub of of Woodstock line now serves plumbing supply house

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