Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery

Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery

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Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Official Drawings of LMS Wagons by RJ Essery
Soft Cover
72 pages
Copyright 1996
D1940   Page 2C20 TON BRAKE VAN3-7
D1661   Page 6CATTLE WAGON8-12
D1663   Page 812 TON COVERED GOODS VAN 13-16
D1828   Page 9BCOVERED GOODS VAN 17-19
D2097   Page 9P COVERED GOODS VAN 20-25
D2093   Page 10A GUNPOWDER VAN26-29
D1895   Page 11A 12 TON HIGH SIDED GOODS WAGON   30-33
D1927   Page 11C12 TON MEDIUM GOODS WAGON34-35 & 38-39
D1945   Page 20ATUBE WAGON (LONG)36-37
D1839   Page 12A 12 TON MERCHANDISE WAGON40-41
D2102   Page 16C13 TON MINERAL WAGON43-45
D2106   Page 16D END DOOR WAGON46-47
D2109   Page 16EEND DOOR WAGON48-51
D2031   Page 46ACREOSOTE TANK WAGON56-57
D2033   Page 46B CREOSOTE TANK WAGON58-59
D2041   Page 52A SINGLE BOLSTER TRUCK60-62
Special   Pages 6 & 11 30   TON BOGIE BOLSTER TRUCK63-67
Special   Page 129 40 TON BOGIE TROLLEY68-71
As a young railwayman I was fascinated by freight rolling stock, and would, when circumstances allowed, examine vehicles at close quarters. Unfortunately, I never took a camera with me on these occasions. Later, in the early 1960s, a series of articles written for the Railway Modeller saw me embark upon serious research into the subject of rolling stock and, in the company of the late W. O. (Bill) Steel, put together the foundations of a collection of rolling stock pictures which continues to grow to this day. It was this interest in the humble wagon which led Bill Steel and myself to combine with Don Rowland to write British Goods Wagons published by David & Charles in 1970, the first of the modern-style wagon books. Unfortunately, Bill died before it was printed, but I like to believe that it was his influence which enabled Ken Morgan and I to write The LMS Wagon for David & Charles in 1977 and subsequently my own works dealing with Midland and LMS wagons, published in two volumes each by OPC between 1980 and 1983. Although reprinted more than once, the film and plates have been lost, so they now have a rarity value on the secondhand market.
Some years ago, I resolved that one day I would like to present the information which came to light after these books had been published, much of this is in the form of general arrangement and detail drawings together with LMS wagon numbering information. Accordingly, this is the first volume of what I believe will become a growing collection of drawings of historical rolling stock illustrated with photographs and other information which, although designed to be self-contained, will also complement what has gone before.
This has been made possible entirely through the helpful cooperation of Railtest Division of BRB and Mr. Brian Clementson. Both Wild Swan Publications and I are most grateful for their assistance with this project.
The illustrations have come from a variety of sources, many officials originating from the PRO at Euston. To assist readers who may wish to obtain their own copies of these pictures, we quote the Derby Collection negative numbers of prints now housed at the NRM at York. Other prints have come from private collections and wherever possible we credit the original photographer or, if not known, the owner of the print used.
Another invaluable source of information was David Larkin who many years ago kindly offered wagon numbering details. These were not known to me when the LMS wagon books were written and extracts from these records have been included where appropriate.
Those readers who own the OPC volumes will note that the selection of drawings in this volume uses the same LMS Wagon Diagram Book information for both diagrams and page references, but where, as a result of studying these drawings, fresh information has come to light, the updated story is also given. Obviously this collectors series will depend upon what is available both in content and quality; regrettably there are gaps in surviving records.
The drawings are reproduced from microfilm prints of varying standards. Some have missing portions, whilst otheres are distorted or suffer poor reproduction where the originals were evidently less than ideal. However, we think they are worth reproducing, warts and all, and have done our best to present them as clearly as possible, largely to a uniform scale of approximately 12mm to 1 foot. The LMS page number sequence is interrupted by the centre pages where we have taken advantage of the uninterrupted space to feature a longer vehicle. As the special vehicles at the end of the book were drawn only as part elevations, we have not hesitated to cut them further to span the join in the pages.
Bob Essery

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