Ocean Limited, The  A Centennial Tribute by Douglas Smith Soft Cover 2004

Ocean Limited, The A Centennial Tribute by Douglas Smith Soft Cover 2004

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Ocean Limited, The A Centennial Tribute by Douglas Smith Soft Cover 2004
The Ocean Limited A Centennial Tribute by Douglas Smith Soft Cover 2004   128 pages
Notice the crease in the lower edge of the binding area.   Sample written on the front cover (see photos)
Canada's oldest named train celebrated its centenary on July 3, 2004. This is a unique milestone as only a handful of name trains in Canada or the United States have reached this milestone. Equally noteworthy is the fact that the Ocean Limited operates over the same route today between Montreal and Halifax that it did when inaugurated 100 years ago.
For decades, the Ocean Limited had one or more running mates on the Montreal-Halifax run. I became familiar with many of them while growing up in Drummondville, Quebec. In the years before starting grade school, a regular lunch hour activity was the trip with my father to the CNR station to pick up express shipments arriving on the eastbound Maritime Express. Once I had mastered the art of riding a bicycle, the race was on after supper to reach the station in time to see the eastbound Ocean Limited make its scheduled stop. In later years, trips were made on the Scotian after a busy day in Montreal.
The Maritime Express and Scotian have long since been consigned to the pages of history. The Ocean, however, continues to make its appointed rounds. Almost as a centennial present, VIA will complete re-equipping the train with new cars by 2005.
A note to the reader. The times cited in this book are local time. For decades, the ICR bred confusion by operating its trains in the Maritimes on Eastern Standard Time. The public timetables were printed in Eastern Standard Time as well, though newspaper advertisements often showed reflected Atlantic Standard Time. The CNR continued this practice as it did not show its schedules in Daylight Saving Time until the early 1960s. The times cited in this book all reflect actual local time rather than railway practice.
During the ICR era, the men who drove the locomotives were called drivers, the British term for engineers. In deference to these men who worked, and sometimes died at their posts, I have chosen to retain the British term when discussing them in the 1850 to 1915 period.
The Ocean Limited operated with its full title through to April 24, 1966. On that date, the title was shortened to just Ocean as part of CN's moves to make all of its train names fully bilingual. The text follows this convention using the train's full title until the date of the change.

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