O&W Observer NYO&W Scranton Division By Joe Bux Soft Cover

O&W Observer NYO&W Scranton Division By Joe Bux Soft Cover

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O&W Observer NYO&W Scranton Division By Joe Bux Soft Cover
O&W Observer NYO&W Scranton Division By Joe Bux 128 Pages  1985
We're standing at Cadosia on June 19, 1948; the warm air is tempered by the breezes blowing across the valleys of the upper Delaware. We've come north on Train 1 to Cadosia, which will shortly depart for the balance of the run to Walton. But we're heading south on a rare excursion on the Scranton Division, tagging along with the WlY local freight. The division has not seen regular service since 1930 and we'll be riding in combine No. 121, an AC&F product that dates back to 1902. The equipment may be old and weeds may poke up between the ties, but the railroad has yet to lose its old-fashioned sense of pride, and the combine has been shined up and the windows sparkle for the occasion. The combine is normally used as a rider car for the local, but today the crew has been displaced to a regular caboose. The Sheffield milk cars have been picked off the head end of Train 1 and are bound for the creamery at Pleasant Mount to be refilled once again. The 503's rhythmic rumbling adds a sense of anticipation to the scene as we await the signal to head out on the Cadosia trestle.
With this bit of whimsical story-telling, we introduce you to our Scranton Division volume. We will follow the line from Cadosia to Scranton, as well as the branches. While most of our photos are period shots, we've also tried to show you what the line looked like in later years, as the symbol freights displaced the coal drags. Originally the source of much of the O&W's prosperity, the division later kept the failing road going with its bridge line connections. The timetable direction was reversed on the division in the late 1920's as the symbol freights were introduced, but for clarity we have preserved the original geographic designations of southbound to Scranton and northbound to Cadosia.
Returning to our whimsy, we see the conductor raise his hand in the time-honored "highball" sign, and with the slightest tug, the train begins to move. Settle back in the ancient green plush and enjoy the sights and sounds as we begin our trip south to the coal fields.

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