NWI's Guide To Railroad Photography By Bob Schmdt  Soft Cover 1975

NWI's Guide To Railroad Photography By Bob Schmdt Soft Cover 1975

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NWI's Guide To Railroad Photography By Bob Schmdt Soft Cover 1975
NWIs Guide To Railroad Photography By Bob Schmdt 48 Pages    1975
What kind of camera should I get, what films should I use, what are all those lenses for, F-stops, what about the picture itself, do I need sunlight, I thought I could take pictures anywhere, what do I do with all these pictures, how are movies different, more.  
The term "railfan" includes a variety of interests, skills, and vices, The railfan is a memorabilia collector; he is a train rider; he swaps "boomer" tales; he prizes his minute knowledge of locomotive or car design surpassing that of the average railroad professional; or perhaps he just watches trains.
Despite diversity in railfanning, we share a desire: to record trains we've seen so we and future generations might see what attracted our interest. More simply, the railfan is a photographer.
Photography is a science and an art. The science consists of well-defined principles, scarcely open to dispute, that are learned by study and practice. The art is a blend of perception, judgment and creative imagination that defies unbreakable rules, but which can be nurtured and guided.
The editor of, and contributors to, this rail photography guide do not claim special wisdom. We have not been deputized by the Almighty to inscribe stone tablets with final words. Rather, we are active rail photographers (with combined experience of several decades) who feel we have "tricks of the trade" to share.
Compare our suggestions with your experience and interests and if our ideas make sense, try them. If not, tell us why. Perhaps we can begin a dialog to share ideas and suggestions. If enough interest is shown, perhaps a column in the North Western Illinois Chapter's monthly publication, The Northwestern  Limited, could feature photo tips from readers.
One problem in preparing this guide was deciding at what level to aim the discussion. We have assumed most readers know the difference between a lens and a rewind knob. Much discussion will be on
a "how-to-do-it" basis, but some will require a theoretical approach for complete understanding, We hope everyone will find something of value.
Railph, NWI's chapter mascot, will be our guide as he threads his way through the world of rangefinders and rails. His mind is loaded with questions and we hope we can properly expose some of the answers.

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