New York Elevated by Robert C. Reed DJ 1978 Elevated Railroads of New York

New York Elevated by Robert C. Reed DJ 1978 Elevated Railroads of New York

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New York Elevated by Robert C. Reed DJ 1978 Elevated Railroads of New York
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Copyright 1978
By Robert C. Redd
176 Pages
Once, before the subway, New Yorktraveled above Manhattan streets on fast-moving elevated trains pulled by rugged steam engines. The New York Elevated is the first comprehensive hisof the el that ran for nearly a century over the principal avenues of the city. It includes more than one hunphotographs touching all aspects of the el. The book begins with a descripof the fiercely overcrowded traffic conditions on Manhattan that led to the invention of the elevated railroad and the construction in 1867 of the first line in Greenwich Street.
Despite political and legal obstacles and the corporate piracy by Boss Tweed and his gang, the el prospered into a citywide rapid-transit system by 1878. When new, it was fashionable, quite grand, and wonderful-the last word in transportation. Its success prompted construction of elevated railroads in other cities in America and Europe.
1 New York in the 1860s: The Need for the El13
2 Early Schemes and Proposals for Elevated Railways22
3 The First El: Charles Harvey's Cable Line on Greenwich Street 31
4 In Sunlight and in Shadow: Early Steam Years, 1871 to 187744
5 Dr. Rufus Gilbert and the Completion of New York's El Empire 53
6 The Financiers62
7 Engineering and Construction71
8 Steam and the Driven Wheel78
9 The Clattering Cars88
10 That Cardiac Climb: Stations along the Line97
11 Life on and along the El106
12 That Uproar to the Eye117
13 Operations, Traffic, and Safety127
14 The Crush at Rush Hour140
15 The Spark of Genius: Sprague Electrifies the El151
16 The Enemy Below: Competition Threatens the Elevated158
17 Let the Sun Shine In166

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