New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham

New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham

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New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
The New Jersey Sampler by John T Cunningham
Historic tales of Old New Jersey
Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket
212 pages
Copyright 1964
Dedication  Iv
Foreword  V
Acknowledgments Viii
Introduction  Ix
1. He Came To The Aid Of Both Parties  3
2. The Day Baseball Began  7
3. A Fever Was In Her Blood  12
4. The Giant Of Fort Mosquito  16
5. First Man On The Draw 20
6. He Labored For A Day Of Rest  24
7. Warrior At Pen Point  28
8. The Hessian's Ace Is Trumped  32
9. Thar She Blows!  37
10. Man With A Dream And A Plan  41
11. Four Fords And The General  45
12. Lottery Of Death  49
13. Old Barney Against The Sea  53
14. The Steamboat: Fitch's Folly  57
15. Study In Bitterness  61
16. Sam Patch, Jumper Extraordinary  65
17. Old Bergen Is First  69
18. Fighting Fool From Sussex  73
19. Only The Worms Turned  78
20. Penelope Was Stout-Hearted  82
21. The Day Of Two Moons  86
22. Lo! The Poor Lenape  90
23. Tracks To El Dorado  94
24. The Shingle Miners Of Dennis Creek  99
25. Mutiny On The Half Moon 102
26. A Canal To Climb Mountains 106
27. Inspiration In The Hurricanes Voice 110
28. Elizabeth Follows Her Heart 114
29. The Greenwich Tea Party 117
30. A Soldier With A Lordly Manor 120
31. The Campbells' Shell Game 124
32. Human Railroad To Freedom 128
33. The High Priest Of Rebellion 133
34. A Spur For President Garfield 137
35. Give Thanks To Elias 142
36. Salem's Angel Of Mercy 147
37. The Good Mr. Bonaparte 151
38. Father Of The Gold Rush 155
39. Hopewell S Great Frog War159
40. The Day Football Began 162
41. Gold In The Strawberry Patch 166
42. The Old Mine Road 170
43. Trenton Loses Its Seat 173
44. Witches, Pirates And Dancing Sheep 177
45. Success Hung On A Thread 180
46. Death On Pea Patch Island 185
47. The Terrible Lizards 190
48. When Christmas Gained Its Merry 194
49. An Elephant Based On Sand 200
50. Sir Percy Shows His Mettle 203
Index 209
Sam Patch? He jumped over Niagara Falls. Thomas Nast? He originated both the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant. Cornelia Hancock? She disobeyed orders and became a heroine at Gettysburg. William Allen? He brought every clock in America into agreement on the same day. Dr. Jonathan Pitney? He was a physician who founded Atlantic City.
All had one common characteristic: all claimed New Jersey as home. All of them appeared, too, in John T. Cunningham's widely-circulated newspaper column - "Tercentenary Tales" - that has been a highlight of New Jersey's Tercentenary celebration.
Here are true tales of New Jersey men and women who once dominated their areas, then dropped into the footnotes and finally-in most cases-faded into obscurity. These are the tales of both the great and the small, the cautious and the foolish, the heroes and the baseball players.
Mr. Cunningham's interests range a broad spectrum. He tells with equal verve the story of Elizabeth Haddon, the Quaker miss who determinedly followed her heart to America, and the tale of the Rutgers and Princeton men who battled in America's first football game. He brings to life the whalers of old Cape May, the strawberry pickers of Bergen, the shingle miners of Dennis Creek. He recalls the days of wampum making, the heroes and villains of the Revolution and the Civil War and the railroad titans who were joined in "The Great Frog War."
This volume has something for every reader. For those interested in good reading, Mr. Cunningham's fast-moving tales admirably fit the bill. For those intent mainly on historical accuracy, each chapter has been meticulously researched. For those who also like their books to be eye-catching, artist Homer Hill has added handsome definition to Mr. Cunning-ham's skillfully-handled words.

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