Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette 1996 March / April Class A Climaxes OR&W Coach

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette 1996 March / April Class A Climaxes OR&W Coach

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Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette 1996 March / April Class A Climaxes OR&W Coach
Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette 1996 March April 98 Pages
22Daiwa Matui's HOn30 "Sando Street & Dead Tree Shrine Railroad"
A jewel box layout.
by Bob Brown
24Two Class A Climaxes
Backwoods motive power. by Edmund Collins III
26"Been There - Done That"
New challenges.
by Lex Parker
31The Narrow Gauge Scene
A Ride into History
by Charlie Getz
34Building Two On30 South Pacific Coast "Combination" Boxcars
Tricky doors.
by Gordon North
46An Ohio River & Western Survivor-Coach #9
Hanger on.
by Edward H. Cass
52My On3 Engine House
Backwoods winner.
by Bob Clarke
55The Zanker House
Informal Victorian. by Ken Ruble
58Extra Narrow Gauge Junction
2-Foot Forneys
by Dick Andrews
61The Model Makers Notebook
Coos Bay Lumber Company #1 by Al Armitage
68Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge, Part 95
Approaching Georgetown Station
by Harry Brunk
71Fine-Tuning the Car Works' HOn30 Forneys
by Chris McChesney
75The Quality Store-General Merchandise at Ophir
An old friend.
by Lind Wickersham
80Sources of Pre-1950 HO Vehicle Model Kits
Construction Equipment, and More
by Jim Vail
83Scratch-building an HO Gauge 12-Ton Mack Switcher
from Styrene (and Brass)
A mini-shifter.
by Jordan Jackson
24Two Class A Climaxes
by Edmund Collins III
34South Pacific Coast Railroad
"Combination" Boxcar
by Herman Darr
40The Red Cloud Mine of Bodie,
by Michael H. Piatt
48Ohio River & Western Coach #9
by Edward H. Cass
50Ingram-Day Lumber Co. #6 -
a Standard Gauge Baldwin 2-6-0 by Ed Gebhardt
55The Zanker House
by Ken Ruble
62Coos Bay Lumber Company #11, an
ALCO 2-8-2T Logging Locomotive by Al Armitage
64-65 Virginia & Truckee Railroad Flatcars #190-288 and Wood Racks #55-56
by Gary Caviglia
76The Quality Store
by Mike Blazek
5Robert's Ramblings
6Pigeon Hole
12New in Review
16In Brief
88Book & Video Reviews

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