Nantasket Beach Branch Pioneer Electrification 1895-1932 Transportation Bulletin
Nantasket Beach Branch Pioneer Electrification 1895-1932 Transportation Bulletin
Nantasket Beach Branch Pioneer Electrification 1895-1932 Transportation Bulletin

Nantasket Beach Branch Pioneer Electrification 1895-1932 Transportation Bulletin

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Nantasket Beach Branch Pioneer Electrification 1895-1932 Transportation Bulletin
a Book by Bob McGarigle, The New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co.
(Transportation Bulletin No 90 Jan-Dec 1981)
Hard Cover
76 pages
Copyright 1981
New Haven Decision
Power House
First Train
The End
Epilogue (That Third Rail)
Plus- Boston to New York by Trolley and Boat trolleys to Fall River and New Bedford

PUTTING TOGETHER the Nantasket Branch part of this trilogy was an extremely frustrating experience, as the many persons who have started out to do it well know. Job changes, hour changes, sicknesses, deaths, missing reference books, eyesight problems, the mad hours and assignments of my newspaper job have contributed to the long span of time needed to put this together-1961 to 1979 (18 years) .
Alan Hersey, whose father Alfred was the surveyor for the Nantasket project, put it best when he told about his attempt at compiling a history of the Old Colony Railroad. His comments in part: Owing to the wide dispersion of potential material and difficulty of salvaging and arranging such as has survived the ravages of time and various ownerships, history of the Old Colony may never be satisfactorily complete. Most disappointing were the files of the New Haven and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, logical repositories. The search for suitable illustrations was particularly frustrating ....
That about sums up my own experiences. But it should be said that what really put this research car in the barn for good was the ever-inflating costs of motels, meals and auto expense. So, I'm going with what material I have, keeping in mind a certain letter I have in my files.
If it were only a month ago that I received it, how wonderful it would be. But it isn't. It is 18 long years ago. That is when Roger Borrup, our near-venerable but still able publisher of that herald of antediluvianism titled TRANSPORTATION BULLETIN, wrote me as follows, in part:
May 2, 1961                                                                                                                                       Dear Bob:
Thanks for your $3 check for the Shore Line Electric Railway series. The first number has been dispatched to you. Also, thanks for the Nantasket Branch photo  On the Nantasket Branch ... How many years away any of that (story) might be I won't even say. But if someone like you with writing experience were to jump in, maybe something could appear in print in our lifetime.
Sincerely,                                                                                                                                            Roger
Well, Roger, your author was 53 years old when you wrote that letter. Now he is going on 72 and, conceding that every possible information source has not been tapped, has determined that something will appear in print in our lifetime. So, here goes.
First, to put this project into positive perspective, I will tell you that a history this is not. Rather, it is three illustrated stories fractured and ravaged by the above mentioned encumbrances but glued together as best can be through the help and cooperation of such fine trolley historians

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