N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages
N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages
N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages

N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages

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N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages
N Scale Product Guide SC 1997 by Hundman Publishing 170 Pages
Copyright 1997
By Hundman Publishing
Soft Cover
170 Pages
Welcome to the first edition of the N-Scale Product Guide. It's a new concept, resulting from a brainstorming session regarding the hobby's greatest needs. The guide is a compilation of all N scale products presently available as a stock item in freight cars, passenger cars, decal and dry transfer sets, locomotives, brass imports. Nn3, trucks and couplers. train sets, and after market painted and decorated equipment. Other products will appear in a compilation to follow.
Most of you have known about this project for some time, since the decision to proceed and the public announcement were made at the Portland convention's closing breakfast. It's been a long effort, far longer than initially anticipated, although we knew from the beginning that it would be a major endeavor. What we had not expected, however, was to find over 400 N scale manufacturers, approximately half of whom do not advertise in any manner.
Since we have no vested interest in any of the product items shown, and no manufacturer pays anything for presentation of their product. all items are shown without favor. It is intended as a product reference, not as a review. Photography was all done with the same lighting and in the same manner on 4x5 inch negatives to show the detail clearly on each model.
The guide is intended as a tool for both the individual and the manufacturer. For those of us modeling individual pieces of equipment, we can see readily where existing body styles and die cutting provide what we're looking for. In one case. we found a beautiful three dome tank car where the details were not as good as the body die cutting, so with a little mix and match, an excellent three dome tank car resulted. As for manufacturers, this guide will show them where the holes are for certain body styles.
For trucks, you'll find quite a variety, but not all trucks manufactured are listed. Those manufacturers not offering their trucks as a stock item, but instead as replacement parts, are not listed. Replacement body shells for locomotives and other rolling stock are also not listed here, as they're scheduled to be published with detail parts.
The final section of this, and subsequent editions, includes a manufacturer section where all manufacturers whose products are shown are listed. There's also an availability listing noting three categories: direct, distributor, and hobby shop. Direct means that, as an individual, you may purchase directly from the manufacturer. Hobby shops indicates orders from hobby shops are accepted by the manufacturer. A distributor notation indicates to hobby shops that the products are available through a distribution network.
We're sure you're going to find plenty of uses for this guide.

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