Motor’s Handbook 13th Ed Specs Interchangeable Parts Service Instruct 1933-36

Motor’s Handbook 13th Ed Specs Interchangeable Parts Service Instruct 1933-36

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Motor’s Handbook 13th Ed Specs Interchangeable Parts Service Instruct 1933-36
Motors Handbook 13th Edition Specifications Interchangeable Parts Service Instructions
Well used , some smudges on some pages.  Cover is loose.  1933-1936
Soft Cover
13th Edition
By Edward H. Barry
168 Pages
Ignition Timing  3
Valve Timing  15
Carburetors  25
Automatic Chokes  34
Fuel Pumps  39
Gasoline Gauges  41
Voltage Regulators  43
Automatic Starters  48
Radio  54
Headlights  59
Knee Action  61
Electric Hand  66
Vacuum Clutches  68
Overdrive  69
Clutches  70
Wheel Alignment  75
Spring Covers  77
Shock Absorbers  78
Steering Gears  83
Universal Joints  86
Brakes  88
Power Brakes  95
Major  98
Pistons, Rings, Pins and Rods 102
Valves  104
Main Bearings and Timing Chains 106
gnition, Battery and Starter Ring Gear 108
Fuel, Cooling and Engine Oil 112
Carburetor Calibrations  114
Float Level Illustrations  116
Front Axle  117
Clutch and Transmission 118
Rear Axle and Tires 120
Brakes  122
List by Car  126
Generator Armatures  132
Starting Motor Armatures  134
Connecting Rods  136
Rear Axle Shafts  138
Rear Axle Gears and Pinions 140
Clutch Plates  142
Transmissions  144
Engines  146
Clutch Throwout Bearings - 148
Clutch Shaft Bearings  150
Pinion Shaft Front Bearings 152
Pinion Shaft Rear Bearings  156
Differential Bearings  158
Rear Wheel Bearings  162
Front Wheel Inner Bearings 164
Front Wheel Outer Bearings  166

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