More Railroads You Can Model by Schafer Soft Cover 2nd printing

More Railroads You Can Model by Schafer Soft Cover 2nd printing

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More Railroads You Can Model by Schafer Soft Cover 2nd printing
More Railroads You Can Model by Schafer Soft Cover Kalmbach Books 1978  76 pages.

IN 1976 we introduced our RAILROADS YOU CAN MODEL book, based on the popular series appearing in MODEL RAILROADER magazine and one-time sister publication MODEL TRAINS. "We love it!" our readers said. "More of the same!" they asked. So here it is-MORE RAILROADS You CAN MODEL. Within are nine more prototype railroads that lend themselves well to modeling. Most chapters have been updated, revised, and expanded from their original form; the Boston & Maine chapter is completely new.
The format is the same as that of our first book: Each chapter contains a brief history of the railroad, a prototype map, many prototype photographs, and a track plan. The track plans are merely suggestions for layouts because you, the modeler, are free to use "modeler's license" to change model or prototype information to suit your own requirements. In fact, we have added a chapter that tells you how to design track plans in case you would like to alter our designs or start anew.
Track plans are based on the use of flexible track and Atlas Custom-Line switches. Some advanced modelers may wish to hand-lay their own track. Beginners may want to use "snap"-type switches and sectional track, although most plans will require some modification if sectional track is used. No problem-we want you to change the plans to suit your own requirements and desires.
After we introduced RAILROADS You CAN MODEL, a number of readers reby telling us that they were building a layout featured in the book. Although our schedules do not permit us to answer all inquiries, we would enjoy hearing from readers who build a Railroad You Can Model. And if you can include some photographs of your work, there's a possibility that your material will be published in Kalmbach's monthly MODEL RAILROADER magazine.

Track planning for railroads you'd like to model - page 2
Monon - page 4
Graham County Railroad - page 16 B&M's Gloucester branch - page 23
McCloud River Railroad - page 28 PRR's Horseshoe Curve page 34
Milwaukee Road's Beer Line - page 46 White Pass & Yukon - page 53
Maryland & Pennsylvania - page 60
Chicago Aurora & Elgin - page 68
Bibliography - page 76

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