Modern World Book of Railways, The by Paul Townend Hard Cover 159 pages

Modern World Book of Railways, The by Paul Townend Hard Cover 159 pages

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Modern World Book of Railways, The by Paul Townend Hard Cover 159 pages
The Modern World Book of Railways by Paul Townend Hard Cover 159 pages Date Unknown.    FRONT COVER and BINDING are loose.  Back cover barely holding on.
THE subject of railways is an enthralling and inexhaustible theme. Unlike a passing phase, a mere schoolboy craze, it never goes out of fashion. The railways of the world remain a constantly thrilling subject to each successive generation, so that it is like a good film or play that continues to draw a fresh audience at each playing. Further, no matter that is the centre of new inventions, improvements and adaptations ever grows stale, for it is always changing ; what is regarded as the very last word in locomotive design one year may well be behind the times a few years later, and a new form of track layout, sleeper, or control system may come into vogue, only to be superseded by a fresh design. Certainly with atomic power looming on the horizon as a commercial possibility, there can be few brave enough to foretell what means of transport man will devise for himself during the next few decades.
It may be that one or two readers will discern a certain emphasis in THE MODERN WORLD BOOK OF RAILWAYS, a minor tendency that is not always found in other railway books. There is a chapter on the locomotive, explaining with clear-cut diagrams how the steam-giants work, a study of 24 hours in the life of a great station, a brief account of the railways' growth, chapters on the underground railways, the boat-train and the years of war in which trains and men reached their finest hour ; but there is also a chapter devoted entirely to the men themselves, describing their daily lives and the ways in which they spend their leisure. In this Machine Age the man behind the scene is apt to be forgotten amidst a welter of cogwheels and blueprints ; the machine is glorified, at the expense of the man who invented it and the man who operates it. In THE MODERN WORLD BOOK OF RAILWAYS, the Men of the Railways have their very definite place.
There are also chapters on stations of the world, how a track is built, the work performed by those unsung heroes-the goods wagons, and a comprehensive survey of the many different railways of the world. A special chapter has been set aside for a discussion of increased speeds in rail-travel ; seeing the beauty of Britain by train has not been forgotten, and a chapter has been included on the small-gauge lines that still exist in this country. The final chapter is concerned with a visit to a major repair works, humming centre of mechanical wonders, where marvels of repair and renovation are performed.
In the compiling of this book, constant encouragement and a great deal of useful technical advice has been given by Mr. H. C. Webster, B.Sc., to whom very grateful thanks are due. Also to Mr. J. R. Hind, of the Railway Executive, for his kindness in supplying illustrations and assistance wherever possible. Acknowledgments are due to Mr. George Dow, of the Eastern and North Eastern Regions, to Mr. G. Wynne Davies, and to Mr. P. J. Harding of the Southern Region; also to the Press Relations Officers of the London Midland, and the Western Regions, for their courteous help and loan of illustrations.

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