Modern Railways By Geoffrey Allen Dust Jacket 1980  256 Pages Indexed

Modern Railways By Geoffrey Allen Dust Jacket 1980 256 Pages Indexed

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Modern Railways By Geoffrey Allen Dust Jacket 1980 256 Pages Indexed
Modern Railways By Geoffrey Allen Dust Jacket 1980  256 Pages
Rail transport has changed more dramatically in the past three or four decades than in the whole first century of its history. It is not just that steam traction has been superseded by diesel or electric power on every major rail system of the industrialized world. Menaced first by the automobile and the truck, then by the jetliner and the private plane, railways have been forced to develop their technology at a pace faster than ever before, to find the means to move people and freight ever faster and more reliably but, at the same time, with fewer men and less expensive equipment. Growing realization of the need to conserve energy has added global importance to their achievements.
Today 100mph is the everyday standard for the supremely comfortable, air-conditioned inter-City trains which criss-cross Western Europe in an intensive service. In Britain and Japan 125mph and more has already become the norm on some routes and in the early 1980s France will open a brand-new 160mph railway. Like Japan's 'Bullet Train' high-speed railways, the Shinkansen, the French project will bring the fully automated inter-city railway a step nearer.
Also aiding and abetting the advent of the fully automated railway are several of the striking new urban systems both above and below ground which world cities are hurrying to build, despite enormous capital costs, to avoid core strangulation by the automobile.
And in freight transport an equally impressive transformation is taking shape as railways set up the equivalent of long-haul conveyor-belts to move containerized goods and 'piggyback' road trucks and trailers between main centres at up to 75mph, or to feed vast trainload tonnages of raw materials from port or pithead to manufacturing plants. Goods by the wagonload are nowadays under the constant surveillance of computers - each load is processed through sorting yards under pushbutton control; where even the shunting, or switching locomotive may be remotely controlled by radio.
The remarkable progress of recent years, the great trains and railways of today, the high-speed, high-power traction and how it works, the marvels of electronic control systems, and the intricate business of day-to-day railway operation and marketing, in fact, all aspects of railways in today's busy world, are graphically described by Geoffrey Freeman Allen, a leading writer on the present-day world rail scene. Accompanied by relevant maps, a detailed index and more than 400 photographs, many in full colour, Modern Railways examines today's railways, country by country, continent by continent, even city by city, and is one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, single-volume works on the railways of the world available today.

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