Modern Railroads Rail Transit 1972 September Special Report Freight Cars

Modern Railroads Rail Transit 1972 September Special Report Freight Cars

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Modern Railroads Rail Transit 1972 September Special Report Freight Cars
Modern Railroads Rail Transit 1972 September Special Report Freight Cars
160 Pages
68 MR Reader Profile/a look at industry decision makers in six major classifications
75 Publishing Philosophy/Frank E. Gray/our intent is to identify events and trends  86 Special Report: Freight Cars/Charles W. Hoppe and Malcolm 0. Laughlin/can railroads afford luxury of buying more cars? 90 To Lease Or Not To Lease?/Tom Shedd and Frank E. Shaffer/Southern's Hamilton, PT LX's Berry disagree
92 Utilization - Breakthrough Coming?/Robert Roberts/CN has great expectations for TRACS
104 50 Years of Power/Tom Shedd/largest locomotive builder celebrates, golden anniversary
110 BN Installs Microwave/Edward T. Myers/microwave investment promises 14 percent return
108 Eased Track Standards Will Aid Railroads/Edward T. Myers/higher running speeds expected for Amtrak
i 114 Fall Meeting Calendar/Frank E. Shaffer/fall list of meetings presented in handy reference form
117 Statistics/income and expenses for the first quarter of 1972
119 Another Look At 1971's Results/MR presegts annual study showing effect of deferred taxes on railroad income

45 Inside Track/Nancy Ford/railroads face national  problem-an interview with John Fishwick
51 Interface/Robert Roberts/FMC releases Canadian diversion study
59 Washington/Harry Tennant/the court, the ICC, and ecology
67 Editorial/Tom  Shedd/the  industry's bad image . . .
67 Editorial/Tom Shedd/and what to do about it
121 Light Rail Transit Car To Be Built/Edward T. Myers/specifications have been completed 125 Transit Topics/Chicago rails want merger
Front Cover/Frank Meitz/Santa Fe train moves past construction in Caion Pass
15 News Bulletins/Frank E. Shaffer/last-minute developments as the September issue  of MR goes to press
19 Industry News/NTSB seeks fast action, new cabs for CN, coal dollars down in 1971
26 Coming  Events/calendar of important meetings and other events of interest to railroad executives
39 People in the News/who's new and where among the ranks of the men who direct the nation's railroads
133 Tech Talk/U. S. Steel forms railroad wheels, wood-plastic crosstie developed, no pane
140 Welcome To The Big Chicago Exhibits/list of exhibitors at the RSA and RSSA shows in Chicago
141 New Products/a read-through guide to the RSA show exhibits
153 New Products/a read-through guide to the RSSA show exhibits
160 District Offices/a list of representatives on the nationwide staff of MR
160 Ad Index/where to find the news in advertising of the nation's most widely read railroad service magazine

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