Modern Diesel Engine Practice Adams Hard Cover 1931 656 pages indexed

Modern Diesel Engine Practice Adams Hard Cover 1931 656 pages indexed

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Modern Diesel Engine Practice Adams Hard Cover 1931 656 pages indexed
Modern Diesel Engine Practice Adams Hard Cover 1931 656 pages indexed
Theory, practical applications, operation, maintenance, repairs. Over 400 engravings,  This book contains a very complete discussion of modern high speed diesel engine construction including light weight aircraft and automobile types.  
For several years the author has been supplementing his practice as a consulting Diesel Engineer by gathering notes and data for a book on Diesel engine operation and practice that would be complete, useful and combine a reference book on construction and design with a practical operator's manual. The material presented in this treatise is the result of a great deal of thought and research, supplemented with considerable personal experience. While in the employ of Fairbanks, Morse and Company as a Sales Engineer, the author faced the necessity of informing himself thoroughly on all phases of this subject that he might perform his duties intelligently. This proved to be very much of a task, since the literature and books on the subject that were available did not treat of Diesel engines in a sufficiently practical way and no very comprehensive and complete book on the subject could be found in which useful information for a Sales Engineer's purpose or for the owner and operator was available. Most books previously published deal with the technical design and engineering phases rather than with installation, operation and repair of Diesel engines.
The need for such a book became evident when it was discovered there was so little appreciation of this prime mover and that a wide-spread ignorance persisted of its operating requirements and economies. Moreover, there was a tendency to regard its principles of operation as mysterious and obscure, or quite beyond the understanding of the average man. Indeed, the author received such an impression upon his first contact with the Diesel engine which occurred back in 1918 during the later days of the World War. Following up the German retreat, we came upon the Crown Prince's headquarters in an observation tower atop Montfaucon, from which he had viewed his failure in the last battle of the Marne and witnessed the beginning of that disorderly retreat of his troops that marked the close of the war. A short way from this tower there was an earth protected dugout built of reinforced concrete, which housed deep in the bowels of the earth, a German Diesel Engine of about boo horsepower. This engine was used to generate electric current and supply lights and power for the Crown Prince's headquarters.
To many of us Americans, this engine represented something mysterious, as few of us were familiar with an engine without spark plugs, operating on crude oil, sonic said even coal dust could be burned in it ! We thought the secrets of its operating principles could only have been known to the engineers of Germany, for the most of us had never seen a Diesel engine.

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