Modern Business Transportation #15 By Alexander Hamilton Latest Revision 1925

Modern Business Transportation #15 By Alexander Hamilton Latest Revision 1925

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Modern Business Transportation #15 By Alexander Hamilton Latest Revision 1925
Modern Business Transportation #15 By Alexander Hamilton Latest Revision 1925  314 Pages
Transportation is vital to modern business and among the agencies which render this service the railroads stand preeminent. In a volume devoted to the description of this service the railroads have the place of honor but other forms of transportation which give the railroads a local or limited competition receive adequate attention. The point of view from which the entire book has been written is that of the business man who uses the various transportation agencies. Because of this point of view the reader will find the emphasis of the volume laid upon those things which directly affect the shipper, rates, classifications, tariffs, fast and slow freights, special services and charges.
This deliberate emphasis of the business man's interest in railway and other transportation service renders it necessary to shorten the discussion of many points commonly found in books on the railroads. The plan of the work naturally excludes any consideration of the internal organization and management of railways. It presents the fruitful topic of the relation of the government to the railroads, from the point of view of the business man as a consumer of railway service, emphasizing its effects upon rates and on the development of railway facilities adequate for modern business needs.
The plan of the volume was carefully worked out by the Editorial Department of the Institute in consultation with railway experts. In its execution the Institute enjoyed the supervision, cooperation and assistance of Dr. Grover G. Huebner, Professor of Transportation at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Huebner has also given the manuscript prepared in the Editorial Department a painstaking and thorogoing scrutiny. Many changes were made in the first draft of the work to meet Dr. Huebner's criticism and suggestions, and in the form in which the Text is now presented to the reader it has his whole-hearted approval.
In accordance with the plans outlined and with the assistance above noted the immediate work of preparing the. Text was entrusted to Dr. Ralph D. Fleming, Associate Editor of the Alexander Hamilton Institute. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Huebner were students of transportation together at the University of Pennsylvania,. and both of them have specialized in this subject as their life work. In preparing the manuscript Dr. Fluffing secured the permission of Professor T. W. Van Metre to weave into the material some illustrations taken from the latter's lectures on Railways, at Columbia University. To him and to all who have aided us in giving to the Text its present form and substance grateful acknowledgments are made.

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