Modern American Railway Practice Vol 9 Electricity for Locomotive Engineers bei

Modern American Railway Practice Vol 9 Electricity for Locomotive Engineers bei

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Modern American Railway Practice Vol 9 Electricity for Locomotive Engineers bei
offered.   $21.00 first class.  Karen  Modern American Railway Practice Vol IX Electricity for Locomotive Engineers being a thorough treatise on the elementary principles of electricity and its application to railway transportation.  Illustrated.  By Sidney Aylmer-Small 1908 469 pages.  THE BOTTOM PART OF THE EDGE cover binding is loose.
This book is written principally for railroad men who are or may some day be in contact with the electrical machinery and apparatus, which is today installed on all steam roads, and with the machinery and apparatus which is being or will be installed by many roads with the intention of using electricity as a motive power on branches or even sections of their main line.
Nearly all roads use both telegraph and telephone in controlling train movement ; all use telegraph and electric bells. Many roads are .ising electrically controlled block signals, and the use of automatic electric signals is rapidly increasing.
It will not be long before electricity will become the motive power in use by the roads entering the large cities on all their urban and suburban lines. The electric locomotive and motor car will supersede the steam locomotive.
No railroad man, engineer, conductor, fireman, baggageman, switchman, brakeman, towerman or any other, can afford to be ignorant of the subject of electricity. The men who know most about it will stand the best chance.
The men who study will possess knowledge of electricity that can not fail to be of immense advantage to them in the next few years.
It will make them more valuable to the companies, and keep them abreast of their rapidly developing profession.
It would be impossible to exaggerate the importance of such preparation being made by the men who wish to succeed. To be content to be ignorant of electricity and its application to motive power, is to be doomed, or to doom yourself to failure.
There are, however, many other men who are interested in electricity as applied to railroads and for such the book is also written.
Considering the recent date of the adaptation of electrical power to steam roads, all descriptions of old-fashioned machinery and apparatus which we would find in many electric light or street railway plants are omitted and the descriptions of apparatus to be found in large traction plants, whether inter-urban, branch or main line stations, will be described in full, and in such a way that it is hoped that any still newer types of machinery and apparatus, will be understood because of the fundamental knowledge gained by study of this book.

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