Modeltec 1994 August Magazine Chessie Texas Bing reproduction The first 2-10-4

Modeltec 1994 August Magazine Chessie Texas Bing reproduction The first 2-10-4

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Modeltec 1994 August Magazine Chessie Texas Bing reproduction The first 2-10-4
Modeltec 1994 August
Chips by George R. Broad  7
This masterpiece is
A Chessie Texas in England by Carl Wadkin-Snaith  8
Echoes of the past in this
Bavarian Bing Heirloom Engine by Weston Farmer  12
You're on the right track with this
Simple Remote Switch Operator by T Parkinson  14
Building a Bremen engine from a photograph in
Hot Ends by Lenn Davis  22
Give a Berkshire a leg up and you get
A Near Perfect Ten by William C. Fitt  24
Some 150 year-old beam engines in
The Bulletin Board by Wade B. Stanley  31
Three-quarter and one-inch scales are
Alive and Well in Waushakum by Jonathan Leiby  32
One Club, two railroads at the
Manukau Live Steamers by Edward St. John  34
After 20 years, this engine all but
Steamed Out of the Woods by George R. Broad  37
Part 5 - Go for the black gold with this
Pennsylvania Oil Field Pumping Engine by Brad E. Smith  38
Recycle those mailing tubes and coffee can caps in
Odds & Ends by Sterling Dougherty  40
Grab your bootstraps, here's
The Overlooked Mill by Max E. Metzger  40
They've a fondness for mixing
Cinders and Snowflakes in Cincinnati by Robert W. Maynard .. 42
Some sound advice:
Head for the Lakehead by George R. Broad  46
NAMES on tape in
For Your VCR    48
Updates on the hobby in
News Briefs  49
Letters from MODELTECers in
Dots and Dashes  51
Club Meets and Run Days in the
Timecard  52
Club information and addresses in the
Directory  54
Beg, buy or barter in the
Switch List and Modeler's Market  58

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