Model Railroader Magazine 1989 August Detail Rio Grande tunnel motor Soo SD40-2s
Model Railroader Magazine 1989 August Detail Rio Grande tunnel motor Soo SD40-2s

Model Railroader Magazine 1989 August Detail Rio Grande tunnel motor Soo SD40-2s

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Model Railroader 1989 August
60 Line change at SummitBy David Barrow
Expanding and rebuilding the HO scale Cat Mountain & Santa Fe RR
64 Concrete highway bridges along the CM&SFBy John Urban
Modeling overpasses for this contemporary layout
66 Sun-bleached highways along the CM&SFBy John Urban
These paved roads are vital parts of the West Texas setting
67 Wireless walkaround control for the CM&SFBy Ken Thompson
IRIG cabs for Dynatrol command control
72 The Allentown WesternBy Don Mitchell
A medium-size HO layout with great operating potential
74 Pennsylvania RR open quad hoppersBy Gordon Odegard
Vast numbers of these cars were used to haul coal
75 Detailing a Rio Grande Tunnel MotorBy David A. Bontrager
Superdetails to enhance an Athearn HO scale SD40T-2 81 Electro-Motive GP18 diesel locomotiveBy Gordon Odegard
These units were used for both freight and passenger service
85 Working locomotive headlightsBy Philip Mott
Constant brightness and reversing headlight for an N scale switcher
89 Steve Holzheimer's N scale grain elevator
The Model of the Month Award
90 Symposium on electronicsBy John S. Atkinson
Modifying the reverse polarity detector and installing traffic lights
93 New York, Ontario & Western freight houseBy Harold W. Russell
Built in 1906, this structure served Port Jervis, N. Y.
96 Building an N scale layout in sectionsBy Steve Uveges
A newcomer describes his success with this approach
100 Highway billboards from the 1930s and '40sBy Stanley Reynolds
Add a bit of the past to your layout
109 Heritage Fleet: Lionel's Irvington carsBy Tuohy and McComas
A highly valued passenger set from 1950
124 Paint shop: Six-axle Soo Line powerBy Charles Derus
HO scale SD40-2 diesels in Soo red and gray
74 Pennsylvania RR open quad hoppers
81 Electro-Motive Division GP18 road diesel
93 New York, Ontario & Western freight house
4 Contributing to MR
4 MR product news
12 Railway post office
22 Schedules
28, 122, 144 Cartoons
35 MR product reviews
56 Hobbyshop window
59 At the throttle
89 Model of the month
90 Electronics symposium
104 Trackside photos
109 Heritage fleet
110 Trains of thought
112 MR workshop
124 Paint shop
130 Getting started
138 Club news
142 Student fare
162 Index of advertisers

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