Model Railroader Magazine 1955 October Build old time wreck crance Sulphur gondo
Model Railroader Magazine 1955 October Build old time wreck crance Sulphur gondo

Model Railroader Magazine 1955 October Build old time wreck crance Sulphur gondo

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Model Railroader 1955 October
October 1955Volume 22, Number 10
Bill of Lading
Old-Time Wreck Crane. By Richard Burleigh  18
The first prize winner in our recent "You're an Author" contest - how to build an old-time wreck crane.
"Dollar" Sulphur Gondola. By H. O. Williams  28
An unusual "special" car to acid to your roster, this wood and steel gon handles bulk sulphur.
Billboards. By Merk Hobson  31
How superb billboards can be made of stripwood and cutouts from magazine advertisements.
0-6-0 Conversion. By G. Harry Stine  34
How Roundhouse's 0-6-0 and a few extra parts can be turned into a nifty little 2-8-0.
Expandable Railroad  36
How one ingenious model railroader is building a small railroad that will eventually grow to be a big one.
A.A.R. Box Car  38
You'll find these close-up photos and scale drawings of America's standard box car invaluable for detailing kits or building from scratch.
Building Scale Turnouts (Part 1). By Robert F. Cushman  42
Why turnouts are designed as they are, and how you can build yours to look exactly like the real thing.
Transfer Table. By Henry Fox  55
This useful, seldom-modeled device is a fascinating thing to watch and saves valuable space at your car or loco repair shop.
Bluebook of Model Railroad Practice (2)
H - Scenery  59
A complete rundown of materials, methods, do's and don'ts for building model terrain, waterways, mountains and vegetation.
Contest Winners ("You're an Author" contest)  66
Prototype Plans and Data
Old-Time Wreck Crane 21
A.A.R. Box Car  39
1913 Wells Fargo Express Reefer  40
AT&SF 1600 h.p. All-Purpose FM Diesel  40
Railway Postoffice  6 Bull Session  51
Trade Topics  10 Clinic  63
At the Throttle  17 Construction Kinks  68
Trackside Photos  24 Coming Events  72

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