Model Railroader Magazine 1953 February  Work train caboose Landscaping with pla
Model Railroader Magazine 1953 February  Work train caboose Landscaping with pla

Model Railroader Magazine 1953 February Work train caboose Landscaping with pla

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Model Railroader 1953 February
February 1953Volume 20, Number 2
-Bill of Lading
Converting Your F-3 to an F-7. By Boyce Martin  12
Boyce describes the simple changes necessary to bring your Varney F-3 up-to-date.
"If Linn says we does it, we does it." (Tuxedo Junction, Part 5)
By George Allen  16
George and Ernie study the Tuxedo Junction track plan as revised by Linn Westcott.
Trackside Photos 20
Work Train Caboose. By Lewis Austin  24
Here's a car that would look good on your work train.
Great Railroad Models (No. 4)  30
A good-looking model with a good-looking prototype is this beautifully detailed HO 4-8-4.
Thornburgh Builds an HO 1910 American (Part 3)
By M. D. Thornburgh  33
Mel rolls the boiler and adds running boards and cab bulkheads to the little loco.
Three-Stall Enginehouse (Part 2). By Eric Stevens  38
Eric completes the structure with more interior framing, roof and final small details.
Here is Signaling That's Really Easy. By Linn H. Westcott  48
Signaling needn t be complicated. Linn describes some basic trackside contact circuits that anyone can understand.
Four By Eight Layouts. By John Armstrong  52
John applies his skill to a 4 x 8 ft. space and comes up with a track plan for each of the four principal gauges.
Reader Track Plans  56
Scenery for the Pine Tree Central  58
Here are the first steps to take if you want your "Central" to appear more realistic.
Prototype Plans and Data
PRR I-1 Decapod  46
Central Vermont Caboose  61
Railway Postoffice  4 New Literature  71
At the Throttle  11Bull Session  72
Meet Earl Smallshaw ____ 11Shop Talk  76
Clinic  62Construction Kinks  81
Trade Topics  65 Coming Events  84

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